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Star Stories Q&A Museum Contemporary Art

Sovereign Audio Collection - Mon, 2016/08/22 - 9:43am
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Star Stories of The Dreaming

Sovereign Audio Collection - Mon, 2016/08/22 - 9:22am
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Nuclear Waste Update + by expert Dr Jim Green

Sovereign Audio Collection - Sat, 2016/08/20 - 1:00am
Dr Jim Green is an expert on all matters nuclear and a national nuclear campaigner with Friends of the Earth. Here he provides us with an update on all things nuclear on this continent and worldwide. An interview on 3CR Radioactive Program 20 August 2016

Call to include First Nations Healing practices in Public Health Services

Sovereign Audio Collection - Fri, 2016/08/19 - 7:39am
A panel of Indigenous health experts and tradition healers gathered at the University of Sydney for a discussion about the integration of Ngangkari (traditional Aboriginal healers) into traditional western practices. This forum aims to close the health gap for Indigenous Australians by raising awareness of the need for culturally appropriate medical treatments.

Youth Affairs Director speaks out against Cleveland Detention Centre

Sovereign Audio Collection - Fri, 2016/08/19 - 4:24am
Extract of Radio National interview with Siyavash Doostkhah, Director of Youth Affairs Network Queensland 19 August 2016

'Beyond Blue': Dump Kennett over Don Dale comments

Sovereign Audio Collection - Wed, 2016/08/17 - 8:52am
Jeff Kennett Redneck ex Victorian Liberal Premier and chairman of 'BeyondBlue' said the ABC Four Corners report highlighting the inhumane treatment of youth at the Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre was biased and destroyed the reputation of Adam Giles. Robert Eggington, head of Nyoongah trauma support service Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation, says Jeff Kennett’s position at BeyondBlue is now untenable. Robert is a First Nations mental health worker has called for the resignation of former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett from the social welfare group Beyond Blue. Kennett attacked the Prime Minister for calling a Royal Commission into juvenile justice the Northern Territory.

Adam Giles on Incarceration & Detention criticism - May 2016

Sovereign Audio Collection - Mon, 2016/08/08 - 1:16pm
The Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has defended his Governments efforts to reduce the rate of Aboriginal incarceration which last year stood at 86% of those in Territory prison and 96% of those in juvenile detention . Speaking on CAAMA Radio Mr Giles rejected criticism from the left and says his Governments ongoing efforts to reduce rates of recidivism are being applauded across the country.

Tackling Indigenous incarceration rates: Mervyn Eades

Sovereign Audio Collection - Thu, 2016/08/04 - 12:14pm
The journey from childhood disadvantage, to juvenile detention, to adult prison, is the life story for so many. And it was Noongar man Mervyn Eades' story too, until his 30s. Then Eades set about devising a training program to help prisoners find work upon their release, and to help stop Aboriginal youth from entering the prison system. The success of his Perth-based program, called Ngalla Maya, offers a model for others to follow.

Adam Giles down in Poll: Here's the in's and outs of the ducks arse 'ole

Sovereign Audio Collection - Thu, 2016/08/04 - 11:55am
Territorians are scheduled to go to the polls on August 27 and a MediaReach poll commissioned by the NT News suggests a majority of them have lost confidence in the Giles Government's ability to manage youth detention A week after the Prime Minister announced a Royal Commission into the Northern Territory juvenile detention system, the poll suggests the Territory's Chief Minister Adam Giles could be facing electoral defeat Chris Walsh is Political Reporter with the NT News ABC NewsRadio's Glen Bartholomew asked him what the Giles Government's chances were of being re-elected...before footage of mistreatment in the NT's Don Dale Detention Centre went to air - ABC News Radio

Scullion & NSW arguing over paying for Custody Notification Service

Sovereign Audio Collection - Wed, 2016/08/03 - 7:43am
The Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion has blasted the NSW government over its refusal to fund the Custody Notification Service. In December the Commonwealth committed $1.8 million dollars to fund the hotline for another three years, but Senator Scullion argues the state government should be fronting the cost. The CNS is delivered through the Aboriginal Legal Service and provides 24 hour legal advice and mental health checks for First Nation’s people if they are taken into police custody CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Service Gary Oliver said the hotline is a NSW government regulation, but has never been funded by the state since its establishment in 2000.

Mansell: Mick Gooda Too Close To Government

Sovereign Audio Collection - Tue, 2016/08/02 - 11:31pm
A First Nation’s lawyer has raised questions about the ethics of the appointment of social justice commissioner Mick Gooda to the role of royal co-commissioner. Palawa man Michael Mansell said past appointments of Mr Gooda to sit on government appointed committees such as the expert panel on constitutional recognition and the Referendum Council indicates a relationship between the government and Mr Gooda. From: National Indigenous Radio

Professor: The massive number of Aboriginal people in detention without conviction

Sovereign Audio Collection - Tue, 2016/08/02 - 10:34pm
Queensland law professor Kerry Carrington says she applauds the Prime Minister for appointing an Aboriginal commissioner but that the national statistics on juvenile justice suggest a broader inquiry is needed. Professor Carrington has been looking at youth justice for many years. She told Eleanor Hall she is particularly concerned about the massive numbers of young people who are in detention and have not even been convicted of a crime and she says the number of Indigenous children in detention should set off alarm bells nationwide. Eleanor Hall ABC 'The World Today'

Done Dale Detention Interview with USA journalist

Sovereign Audio Collection - Tue, 2016/08/02 - 10:43am
ABC Law Report excerpt 8 August 2016 Full Report Here

The Boys Club

Sovereign Audio Collection - Sat, 2016/07/30 - 12:33am
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Barbara Shaw, Tangentyere Womans Council: Youth Detention Debacle

Sovereign Audio Collection - Thu, 2016/07/28 - 3:24am
Verteran Aboriginal rights campaigner, member of the Tangentyere Womans Council and town camper Barbara Shaw comments on the youth detention debacle

Nigel Scullion: My interest wasn't aroused enough to watch 4 corners

Sovereign Audio Collection - Wed, 2016/07/27 - 10:58am
Minister Scullion tells media that he didn't watch ‪‎FourCorners‬ live as he was out for dinner, later watching it after a "fairly agitated" PM called him. ABC Darwin

Queensland youth detention just as bad as Northern Territory: Aboriginal barrister

Sovereign Audio Collection - Tue, 2016/07/26 - 11:27pm
An Indigenous barrister in Queensland alleges the treatment of children in youth detention centres in his state is just as bad as that seen in the Northern Territory. He wants the Royal Commission broadened to include all Australian youth detention facilities. ABC News

Restarting a Nation - Euahlayi Peoples Republic

Sovereign Audio Collection - Tue, 2016/07/26 - 6:15am
In the east of the land that Europeans named Australia, a nation has been reborn. Its new head of state knows where his people lit their campfires, long ago. Now he has declared independence – and they're not the first to break away.

Lasting effects of trauma reaches across generations through DNA

Sovereign Audio Collection - Mon, 2016/07/18 - 9:57pm
CBC Radio - Canada Indigenous elders often say that memory is in the blood and bone, that our stories are passed not just verbally but through a kind of genetic memory. Well, it turns out that may not be far from the truth. Amy Bombay is Anishinaabe from Rainy River First Nation in Ontario. Amy Bombay and family Amy Bombay with her family. (courtesy Amy Bombay) She's an assistant professor of psychiatry at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and has been studying the impact of trauma and how it reverberates through generations. She was drawn to this field of study, specifically related to residential schools, because of its effect on her own family. "Both my grandparents on my father's side attended, and most of my aunts and uncles on that side as well," she explained. When she started her research 10 years ago, Bombay said she began by focusing on mental health outcomes, exploring why Indigenous Peoples in Canada and elsewhere suffer from higher levels of psychological distress. "What we found was that ... those who had a parent or grandparent who went to residential school seemed to be at increased risk for psychological distress, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and this is in both adults and youth," she said. Though our bodies are designed to deal with stress, Bombay said when the stress becomes chronic, our bodies are no longer able to keep up. That's when problems happen. Bombay said in addition to the psychological and social pathways, there is evidence epigenetic pathways are involved in the transmission of trauma. That evidence has been studied in the children of Holocaust survivors, in regard to changes in the expression of DNA, not changes to underlying DNA. "We now know that experiences and the environment can turn on or off genes, so the function of those genes is changed," Bombay explained. "In terms of how that is transmitted generationally, we know that if those changes happen to be in the germ line, so in the egg or the sperm, they have the potential to be transmitted across generations." Though Bombay said you cannot draw exact correlations between the children of Holocaust and Residential School survivors, there are clear similarities between the two groups. "We conducted our own research in relation to the residential school system and found a lot of the same issues like this conspiracy of silence around talking about this issue. And this research is consistent with populations that have undergone collective and historical trauma around the world," she said. "So not only in relation to the Holocaust, but we know these big historical and collective traumas are associated with a number of negative outcomes. Which are expected." Bombay has seen this research play a role in the process of reconciliation. And said taking the data out into communities and explaining it, has broken the silence. "A lot of people didn't know why their parents had so many problems, or they didn't know why their parents acted the way they do," she said. "Learning about these intergenerational effects really helped a lot of people heal and elicited forgiveness within families and communities."

Bob Hawke's ongoing calls for a Nuclear Waste Dump on Aboriginal Land

Sovereign Audio Collection - Mon, 2016/07/11 - 10:16pm
Since he was Prime Minister Bob Hawke has been calling for a Nuclear Watse dump on Aboriginal Land - It's a Win-Win situation This Audio from 'The Wire' 2014


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