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The Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in 'Australia' is asserting genuine pre-existing and continuing sovereignty over First Nations' territories, lands waters and natural resources. This is a liberation struggle educating, communicating, advocating and promoting the capacity-building of First Nation clans and Nations towards independence and governance, and involving reparation.. Facebook - Sovereign Union (
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Calls for sacking of curriculum reviewer ABC/AM Report

Thu, 2014/10/16 - 9:53pm
There are calls for the man who reviewed the national English curriculum to lose his University of Sydney job over emails he sent to colleagues that are considered racist and misogynistic. The university is investigating whether Professor Barry Spurr's emails are a breach of the school's code of conduct. The Opposition wants the Education Minister Christopher Pyne to explain whether the curriculum review is now irrevocably tainted.

2 of 2 - Ghillar Michael Anderson with Shane Mortimer on Radio 2XX

Thu, 2014/10/16 - 10:21am
Sovereignty Union Founder Ghillar Michael Anderson speaks about many things relating to First Nations Sovereignty, past plans, present and the future. - Source: Sovereign Voices Broadcaster Shane Mortimer on 2XX FM Canberra - 10 October 2014

1 of 2 - Ghillar Michael Anderson with Shane Mortimer on Radio 2XX

Thu, 2014/10/16 - 9:37am
Sovereignty Union Founder Ghillar Michael Anderson speaks about many things relating to First Nations Sovereignty, past plans, present and the future. - Source: Sovereign Voices Broadcaster Shane Mortimer on 2XX FM Canberra - 10 October 2014

Remembrance day at WA's Wadjemup (Rottnest Island)

Wed, 2014/10/15 - 7:43am
First Nations people from across Western Australia will travel to Rottnest Island, or Wadjemup, to remember their ancestors who were brought there in chains. - The island's former prison, 19 kilometres from the Perth coastline, incarcerated thousands of people from as far as the Kimberley, Pilbara, Western Desert and across Nyungah lands. - It's believed at least 370 and possibly up to 700 men and boys are buried in unmarked graves on the island, which is now a tourist destination. - Friday marks 175 years since the first prisoners were brought there and remembrance co-organiser Iva Hayward-Jackson says the event will become annual.

Genocide is Unavoidable: Gary Foley

Mon, 2014/10/13 - 10:17pm
Gary Foley 'in a past life' was a well known throughout Australia and beyond as an Aboriginal activist that didn't mince his words. Dr Gary Foley is now an academic, writer and actor. - In a lead up to his 2014 Melbourne University lecture, 'Tangled up in black' he speaks with Jonathan Green from ABC's Radio National.

Delegates at a bush meeting by the Yule River vote to reject the proposed changes to the WA Aboriginal Heritage Act.

Sun, 2014/10/05 - 9:40am
Delegates at a bush meeting by the Yule River Representatives from Pilbara Aboriginal communities vote to reject the proposed changes to the WA Aboriginal Heritage Act.

Government of Western Australia trying to a "stolen heritage generation"

Thu, 2014/10/02 - 9:27pm
'The Wire' interview with Simon Hawkins - CEO, Yamtji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation - September 2014 Western Australia paved the way for Australia in the issue of Aboriginal heritage. But now, it's making a huge backflip. The state passed the nation’s first laws to protect sites of Aboriginal Heritage. The Government of Western Australia has proposed amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act, which will allow the potential destruction of heritage sites by developers. Aboriginal leaders and the local community have condemned the proposal. In fact, the Government has been accused of creating a “stolen heritage generation”. Produced by Ben Nielsen -

Yidindji on Land, Seas, Sky and Sovereignty

Tue, 2014/09/30 - 9:17pm
Murrumu Walubara Yidindji in a frank, informative and inspiring conversation with Michelle Lovegrove - SBS Living Black Radio 30 September 2014

First Nations women account most imprisonment increase

Wed, 2014/08/27 - 11:06am
ABC - AM - Michael Brissenden Across Australia female imprisonment rates have doubled in the last decade and Indigenous women account for almost the entire increase. That's the shocking finding of new research conducted by criminologist Professor Eileen Baldry, who's labelled the situation appalling and scandalous. The first Indigenous magistrate in New South Wales, Pat O'Shane, says handing out repeat short sentences means prison rehabilitation programs are useless. Sarah Dingle reports.

19th century tintype portrait of young Aboriginal woman

Tue, 2014/08/26 - 7:34pm
John Paul Janke from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs with the story of a 19th century tintype photo of a young Aboriginal woman. Source: ABC TV 66 Canberra

Mick Gooda calls Abbott to bring CON-stitution rehash forward

Fri, 2014/08/22 - 4:48am
Mick's eyesight must have got worse if he hasn't seen the growing skepticism regarding the CON-stitution recognition farce by many First Nations people. - He fronted up for the the Nulungu Reconciliation Lecture at the University of Notre Dame, Broome with a lot of hoo har on the topic 'The Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Australian Constitution as an Act of Reconciliation.' - Mick called out to his mate Tony Abbott requesting the referendum to recognise Indigenous people in the Constitution is held by the end of 2015, imploring the Prime Minister to hold a vote before the next Federal election. - He says delays are no longer acceptable and the time has come to launch a 'proper debate' ... or is he getting itchy feet over the growing skepticism by First Nations people on this issue.

More shipping container cells for growing prison population

Fri, 2014/08/15 - 11:11pm
The Victorian Government has bought another 27 shipping containers to house the growing number of prisoners in the state's jails. There will be 18 new shipping containers, or prefabricated buildings known as dongas, at Fulham Correctional Centre in Gippsland and another nine at the Marngoneet Correctional Centre near Geelong. AUDIO: More shipping containers to house Victoria's prisoners (The World Today) They will accommodate up to 80 medium security prisoners and will be installed by August.

Book Review: Larissa Behrendt "Indigenous Australia for Dummies"

Tue, 2014/08/12 - 10:38pm
Not a real Book Review, but rather an interview with the author Larissa Behrendt about the book. - How much do you know about Australia's indigenous culture? Michael Pavlich speaks to Prof Larissa Behrendt, author of "Indigenous Australia for Dummies" she's also a barrister and Director of Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney. - Recorded in July 26, 2012 - Interview by Daniel Horsley ABC Local NSW

Three castaways living with First Nations people

Fri, 2014/08/01 - 10:59am
These stories offer telling windows into the First contact and the attitude of the British. These castaways were living with the Indigenous people before the trauma of colonisation—and sometimes during it. Their accounts provide a fascinating record of that time. They come to us via Iain McCalman's book charting human interaction along the Great Barrier Reef, 'The Reef: a Passionate History'. Radio National - Hindsight July 2014

Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe - RN

Tue, 2014/07/29 - 12:56pm
Bruce Pascoe feels a visceral urge to write. His latest novel is a story about solitude, mateship and dying set in the Victorian bush. It's hero is that most reviled of introduced species - the fox. But his forthcoming work of non-fiction Dark Emu challenges what can only be described as a startling lack of intellectual curiosity about Aboriginal agriculture.

“Australia’s First Nations History Misrepresented”: Bruce Pascoe (CAAMA)

Tue, 2014/07/29 - 10:53am
CAAMA Radio broadcaster Mikaela Simpson caught up with Mr Pascoe to discuss his discoveries, which date back to the first European explorers and their interaction with the First Nations Peoples. - Bruce Pascoe joined the Mildura’s Writers Festival to talk about his latest book Dark Emu. The book challenges the idea that the first Australians were hunters and gathers, claiming this label was invented to undermine Aboriginal people. He claims the history of Aboriginal people in Australia has been incorrectly misrepresented and that research into their agricultural practices can benefit all Australians today.

'Dark Emu' challenges modern re-tellings of early Aboriginal history

Tue, 2014/07/29 - 10:40am
Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly The centuries-old notion that pre-European Aboriginal people were hunter-gatherers who did not farm the land they occupied is under further challenge. - A new book by award winning indigenous author Bruce Pascoe draws on the diaries of early explorers to provide evidence that Aboriginal people across the continent were sowing, harvesting, irrigating and storing. - He argues that systems of food production and land management have been blatantly understated in modern re-tellings of early Aboriginal history.

War Memorial recognition of Frontier Wars - Sam Watson Interview

Tue, 2014/07/22 - 8:26am
Sam Watson interviewed by Tim Cox on 612 ABC Brisbane - Last week was NAIDOC Week, and you may have heard us talking here on Breakfast about formal recognition for Indigenous soldiers. But what do you think about recognition for the dealths of Aboriginal people during conflicts between them and white settlers? - A UQ academic has said that more than 65,000 Aboriginal people died in Queensland alone between 1788 and 1930 in the process of colonising Australia. Prof Raymond Evans has said that the Australian War Memorial should recognise it as a war. - Sam Watson is a Brisbane-based Aboriginal community worker and activist:

Murujuga National Park on the Burrup Peninsula

Sat, 2014/07/12 - 9:33pm
Ngarluma elder and park ranger Geoffrey Togo explains that it is on sacred land, steeped in culture and tradition. "It's very spiritual in lots of ways for us," he says. "Basically, I've been brought up to look after the place, with all the rest of the Ngarluma people."