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The Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in 'Australia' is asserting genuine pre-existing and continuing sovereignty over First Nations' territories, lands waters and natural resources. This is a liberation struggle educating, communicating, advocating and promoting the capacity-building of First Nation clans and Nations towards independence and governance, and involving reparation.. Facebook - Sovereign Union (
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Aboriginal activist, Anthony Martin Fernando - early 20th Century Europe and England

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 2:25am
The story of Aboriginal activist, Anthony Martin Fernando who protested on the streets of early 20th Century Europe and England against the British government and the treatment of Australian Aborigines.

Portland Tent Embassy - Council recognises Indigenous rights - Sandra Onus 2012

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 2:21am
Aboriginal perspective of the motion was put forward and carried at the Glenelg Shire Council April meeting, recognising the rights of the Portland Sovereign Aboriginal Embassy to protest. Sandra Onus, Aboriginal Activist from the Embassy speaks on 3CR's 'Earth Matters'.

Arabunna Elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott's challenge to Federal Court - Olympic Dam uranium mine expansion

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 2:13am
Arabunna Elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott's challenge to Federal Court approval of BHP-Billeton's Olympic Dam uranium mine expansion gets dismissed - BHP & the Federal Government seek court costs from Uncle Kev, who is an elderly pensioner. Also, update from Portland Aboriginal Tent Embassy. - 3CR Earth Matters | 5th May 2012

Interview with Professor Henry Reynolds - 'settler conflicts'

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 1:57am
Professor Henry Reynolds is an historian, and author, predominantly focussed on the history of Aboriginal and settler relations including the violent conflicts between settler Australians and Indigenous Australians in 20 books and countless articles. Interview with Kate O'Toole, ABC Darwin

Portland Tent Embassy - Mayor provides Council's view on 15/02/12

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 1:41am
Councillor Gilbert Wilson, Mayor of Glenelg Shire is questioned by ABC South Western Victoria's Jeremony Lee about the Portland Tent Embassy. Councillor Wilson states the Shire Council's position just one week after the Embassy was established in February 2012.

Sovereign Rights - Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation CEO Michael Woodley

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 1:21am
Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation CEO Michael Woodley on campaign to protect the Yindjibarndi People's sacred land & sovereign rights from iron ore giant Fortescue Metals Group (FMG). 3CR's 'Earth Matters'

Northern River Basin Sovereignty - Fred Hooper 'Earth Matters'

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 1:13am
From 3CR's Earth Matters Program - Original Nations in New South Wales and Queensland have united to control the waterflow in the Murray Darling Basin. Fred Hooper, Chairperson of the The Northern Murray Darling Basin Aboriginal Nations is interviewd on Earth Matters.

Ray Jackson, Indigenous Social Justice Association - Police brutality is out of control

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 1:07am
Police brutality is out of control - Ray Jackson, spokesperson from Indigenous Social Justice Association talks about the shooting of two Aboringal teenagers at Kings Cross, NSW, who allegedly stole a car. Amateur mobile phone video footage demonstrates unnecessary police brutality. (SBS) #AustraliaPoliceBrutalityAboriginalYouths

Police brutality against Aboriginal juveniles

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 1:01am
The New South Wales Police Integrity Commissioner says his organisation has neither the resources nor the expertise to carry out an independent investigation into the shooting by police of two teenagers at Kings Cross in Sydney last month. The incident and graphic amateur vision of its aftermath led to calls for an independent probe. #AustraliaAboriginalPoliceBrutalityAboriginalJuveniles