Letter regarding Freedom Summit - comment by Ghillar Michael Anderson

Ghillar Michael Anderson and Pangarte Rosalie Kunoth-Monks
Gathering of Sovereign Nations - Old Parliament House, Canberra 2013

13 September 2015

An undated letter by the Mbanta (Central Aranda) Tribal Council was distributed on Facebook regarding the 'Freedom Movement' Meeting in Alice Springs which was organised by Rosalie Kunoth Monks and Tauto Sansbury and other Aboriginal Activists.

The letter asserted that the meeting didn't have tribal sanction and called for it to be cancelled. However the 2 day meeting on the 14th and 15th September 2015 was sanctioned by Wati Bayden Williams, Arrernte elder and others.

The document link on Facebook was a web hosted 'Word' Doc file which has since been removed - Here is the transcript

Because Ghillar Michael Anderson and Sovereign Union were mentioned twice in the letter, Ghillar decided to make a brief comment.


I normally do not engage in useless debate however on this occasion I find I must respond as my name is called.

  1. I am not in Alice Springs, I am standing on my own country in the Upper Western region of NSW.
  2. I have written a document to be presented at the gathering.

Now I ask, Why is it that Aboriginal people are always on the ready to publicly condemn their own, but never attack the true enemy. I guess it is because they feel they can get one up or beat their own kind, because they have no way of beating the true enemy of our people.

In 1782 or thereabouts a Slave Owner from the Caribbean ways asked to deliver a speech to other Slave owners in South of the United States of America.

In his speech he said, you can control the slaves by setting them upon each other, That is, put different trusted ones in positions of status such as: A House Nigger, a Garden Nigger, and the field working Niggers. Inform them that they will lose their positions and return to being a field Nigger if they do not maintain their loyalty to me the Slave owner and give me information on the others when I require it.

This way you will not need a whip to keep them in line, they control each other. This sets us free from having ever to worry about whether they can unite. Their loyalty will always be to the Master.


Ghillar Michael Anderson