Moree Sovereign Embassy

Moree Tent Embassy


Goomeroi Sovereignty
at the Moree Tent Embassy

12th April 2012

As you know Aboriginal people continue to be disadvantaged by this introduced system of 'legal' controls, such as institutional police racism, cruel bans on with walking country, practices law and language, colonial policing, servant class employment scope and land ownership barriers.

The Moree Goomeroi Tent Embassy has been setup in response to community demand for a real change - right here - right now.

Our starting point is the unbroken and unbeaten Sovereignty of the Goomeroi people. We know our ancestors are all around us within our country, as truly as we feel the land that's under our feet.

We continue to defend and advance the human rights and social equalities won by earlier Aboriginal Human Rights defenders such as Billy Craigge (Moree), Michael Anderson (Goodooga), Arthur Murray (Wee Waa), Lyall Munroe Snr (Moree), and Madelaine McGrady (Toomelah).

We want to close this gap by bridging the divide within this town and to raise community accountability to the top of the list.

In creating this embassy with our community -

• We assert our tribal right to greater, not lesser, self-goverance in all areas.

• We assert our human and Goomeroi right to be governed by the law of our people and the law of our ancestors.

If you can see a way to support our efforts to empower our people, we accept all kind donations from supporters and sponsors.

Liz Munro
Gomeroi Dindama Inaar Yinaar
on behalf of the
Goomeroi Soveriegn Tent Embassy

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