Deaths in Custody

Wotton family launches class action over 2004 Palm Island death in custody

Agnes Wotton

Lex Wotton

Cecily Wotton

Allyson Horn 24 June 2014 [node:read-more:link]

Why I won't celebrate the William Bugmy decision in 2013

Why I won't celebrate the William Bugmy decision in 2013

William Bugmy's win in the High Court in 2013 is significant, but it also highlights everything that's wrong with the way Aboriginal people are treated under the law, writes Sol Bellear.

Big Business prisons suing states if they don't stay full

Australia is closely following the USA in its private prison policies, and the mainstream media continues to fuel an effort to lock up more of its disadvantaged citizens, especially First Nations people. Already, we are aware of the pressures put on the police to meet charge targets for misdemeanors. Here is a glimpse at where we are heading.

Money from Misery - Prison Corporates getting fat

The Australian prison system recycling program

Fueled by racist right-wing politicians and the economic interests of some of the largest corporations on the planet, the prison-industrial complex looks set to continue expanding well into the future.

Families who need help get their children plunged into out-of-culture foster care


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