Sovereign Union Statements

Gathering of Nations 2014

Old Parliament House, Canberra - 1 November 2014 - Agenda - Status of the Sovereignty Movement and updates, Setting up National Governance and Sovereign Independence, Q & A: Open mic - Defining pathways ahead, Aboriginal Law/Original Law - the law of the land and continental common law, Concept of Sovereign Immunity, Sovereign Union treaties between Nations, Setting up Nation courts and the Sovereign Union Court of Justice (purpose and functions) [node:read-more:link]

Constitutional recognition, Treaty and Sovereign Rights

High Court writ sought to challenge Australian governments acting as a corporation registered in the US

It is our time to take the biggest stand in our history as an invaded people. I believe that Aboriginal people have now reached the point where going forward means challenging the status quo and altering our history.
We have two choices: to de-colonize ourselves and become free and independent people pursuing our own chosen destiny through the process of self-determination, or to acquiesce and become assimilated into the invader society, degrading our culture to mere museum pieces in which we perform like trained monkeys for the tourists.


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