Sovereign Union is a movement for freedom, rejecting Pearson's pro-assimilation


6 September 2013

Our's is a sovereignty movement for freedom, rejecting Pearson's overriding pro-assimilation initiative, Michael Anderson said from Fiji today:

The announcement by Noel Pearson of his 'Empowered Communities Initiative' group looks like – the Magnificent Seven Plus - Mark Two are at it yet again. The Magnificent Seven gave us Mabo that took away more rights than it recognised and in doing so complicated the whole legal process of Native Title in favour of the oppressive State regime.

Now a handpicked twenty-five believe they can override elected leaders who represent their own communities and want to establish policies for governments to pursue. It appears that Noel Pearson and his group of merry men and women appear to be confident that they may have this one right, considering all their past failures. One can only hope that they have learnt from the incorrect policies that they advised on in the past, but of course the people at the grass roots have very good memories of the wrong-doings and failures of these merry men and women, not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been lost in failed programs that have come from their advice.

Clearly this 'Empowered Communities Initiative' group have dreamed up ways to keep themselves on the radar, in order to maintain their status within the white bureaucracy and to maintain an opulent lifestyle. The latest is the 'Principles of Responsibility', which is a 2013 version of the mission managers' system delivering assimilation by force, through the police and DOCS etc., without the required free, prior and informed consent.

The bipartisan income management sanctions and the trauma of the NT intervention have led to an increase in the social indicators with even higher suicide rates, jail rates and children in care.

The time has come in Australia's history where, if Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples fail to take ownership and responsibility for their own destiny then we will be forever caught within the vicious cycle of government control.

Every effort must be made by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to stave off government policies that are designed to come from the top down and impose assimilation overtly or by stealth. The reality is, if assimilation is successful the colonising power gains this continental land base for free!

We are sovereign independent Peoples, always have been, always will be, but to continue to roll over and permit the likes of Pearson and his group to dictate policy at the national level, we will never be free.

All persons who have signed ILUAs, Indigenous Land Use Agreements, under the Magnificent Seven's law called Native Title, can now attest that under the ILUA regimes they do not own their economy, nor the process. Quite the contrary, the governments' laws and regulations that govern the ILUAs dictate how and when the people can use the benefits that they may gain under those ILUAs.

Australia talks against tyrannical dictators in different parts of the world, but carries out and maintains the same dictatorship methodologies and control within its administration of Aboriginal Affairs. In fact, if anyone understands the true nature of a communistic State, then Aboriginal Affairs in Australia is a clear example of what those States look like and how they are administered.

Freedom will not be given. Freedom must be taken.

If we fail to stand against this Australian dictatorship then we can watch our population decline into oblivion. That is, those who seek to maintain their identity as Aboriginal people under their Nation's identity and who seek to remain on their own homelands and fight for land rights and justice will die out. The mainstreaming policy objectives of assimilation through western education, minus Aboriginal culture and language, will mean that the surviving assimilated Aboriginal Australians, who will only have an extant memory and cultural urges remaining within them.

Our fight is a fight for survival, just as it always has been. This is our last stand; a statement I have made so often. Now if we have ever been in a fight for survival that time has come. This why we are energizing the sovereignty movement.

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