The Black Resistance

The Black resistance: an introduction to the history of the First Nations struggle against British Colonialism

The Black Resistance
By Fergus Robinson and Barry York

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Format: BookBook
Author: Robinson, Fergus (Open Library)
Description Camberwell, Vic. : Widescope, 1977
137 pages and maps ; 22 cm.
ISBN: 0869320165
Includes bibliographical references and index
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[ History tells of no people or tribe ... submitting tamely to the Insolent intrusion of strangers, nor ... to yield without a struggle that country which he claims as his own, or which he is used to obtain his food and to which he is undoubtedly attached.

W. H. Wiseman, 1855. Genocide, rape, extirpation (to remove or destroy completely) — these were some of the methods to which British colonialism resorted to deal with its most reluctant 'citizens' — the Australian Aborigines. And to hide the shame, successive historians have virtually expunged the Aborigine from colonial history.

The Black Resistance is a powerful contribution to the - movement for a new Australian history — a history centred on the first Australians.

It presents massive evidence of a splendid tradition of heroic resistance by the Aboriginal people and establishes that violent struggle against foreign invasion was an on-going and continent wide response. Using material largely ignored by historians, this book traces the dispossession of the Aboriginal people and records the strategic and tactical objectives of tribal defence as well as the aims and methods of the British invaders.

Compulsory reading for all Australians. ]

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