The Lizard's Revenge - Video record of protest

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Police have arrested 13 people at the uranium mine protest. In the first incident two women and four men were taken into custody as they staged a "breakfast not bombs" event on a road near the mine site on Tuesday. Protesters blocked the road. In the second incident activists again took to a road to play cricket. Six men and a woman were arrested after a scuffle with police.
Footage 'Lizards Revenge'

Day 3 of the Lizard's Revenge

Leading Anti Nuclear campaigner

Numbers swell at Protest camp

Day 2 at Olympic Dam

Aboriginal elder Kevin Buzzacott

An edit from 'izzywombat' video

'izzywombat' video compilation

Arabunna elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott

Roxby Downs on Sat. 14 July

Protesters - "The Lizard's Revenge"

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Olympic Dam Uranium Mine site

Use mouse cursor to check out the site - as it was in 2008