Petition about the formal proceedings of the Referendum Council

INVITE ONLY MEETINGS: Broome: 10-12 February 2017, Dubbo: 17-19 February 2017, Darwin: 22-24 February 2017, Perth: 3-5 March 2017, Sydney: 10-12 March 2017, Melbourne: 17-19 March 2017, Cairns: 24-26 March 2017, Ross River: 31 March - 2 April 2017, Adelaide: 7-9 April 2017, Brisbane: 21-23 April 2017, Torres Strait: 5-7 May 2017, Uluru - National Convention (Delegates from the Secret meetings) : 24-26 May 2017

Petition about the formal proceedings of the Referendum Council

The Constitution Referendum Council are hosting twelve 'Secret' Regional Meetings across Australia over the next few months which is closed to all First Nations people without invitations. They are using a one sided propaganda campaign to coerce First Nations people to vote 'YES' for 'Constitutional Recognition with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples', where the wording for the referendum has not even been decided upon.

The Referendum Council
The Referendum Council
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Half of the council is made up of non-Indigenous lawyers, Accountants, Business persons and people with political backgrounds along with Government selected Aboriginal people.
The Council members with links to their profiles: Pat Anderson, Mark Leibler, Megan Davis, Andrew Demetriou, Natasha Stott Despoja, Murray Gleeson AC, Mick Gooda, Stan Grant, Tanya Hosch, Kristina Keneally, Jane McAloon, Noel Pearson, Michael RoseAmanda Vanstone, alassa Yorkston and Galarrwuy Yunupingu AM
Source: Referendum Council website

All First Nations people who are conversant with the flaws and deceit of the Referendum have not been invited to attend these meetings, and indeed, those who have put themselves forward for the meetings are being refused access.

Delegates from these 'stacked' and 'deceptive' meetings will attend a Referendum Council organised Convention at Uluru in April where a final recommendation will be made to report to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Although yet to be confirmed, Sovereign Union has also heard there will be no recordings or archiving allowed at the secret meetings.

This is totally unacceptable. The contrast between the Constitution Recognition information and how the government organised the Referendum for the Australian Republic in 1999 is so different it is breathtaking.

For the Referendum of 'Australian Republic', the Federal governments website and all official pamphlets etc had one page on the 'YES' vote and then one page on the 'NO' vote, right through all documentation. In comparison, all 'Constitutional Recognition with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' advertising and documentation there is no information at all provided for a 'NO VOTE' case, and First Nations peoples are being deceived of the fact that the wording has not been even been finalised.

There are many major issues this referendum will have for all First Nations peoples aspirations of self-determination in the future and indeed, it will threaten the future of all First Nations peoples Aboriginality.

This Constitution Referendum appears to be specifically designed by the government to acquiesce First Nations sovereignty which was officially acknowledged by the findings of the Australian High court in Mabo(no2), where they found that First Nations peoples sovereignty survived the British Sovereign claim.

The Petition

Letter to
Govenor General
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Referendum Council
Attorney General

Petition about the formal proceedings of the Referendum Council

We the undersigned, want it to be known that we are expressing our discontent with the manner in which the Referendum Council's consultative process is being conducted around the country with First Peoples.

The invitation only status of the meetings is non-conducive to a fair and transparent mandate seeking process. We demand fair and transparent official procedures for all original tribal and clan families in the continent lands of known as Australia, about the decision of whether or not to be placed in the Australian constitution.

The undisclosed and secretive nature of the locations of these First Peoples' public held meetings seeking a mandate and consensus from Indigenous peoples contravenes the official public consensus nature of these nationwide meetings.

Under the original tribal and clan law of many First Peoples in this country the manner in which these secretive and selective referendum council meetings are being conducted breaches original customary law. In that a full consensus of all the First Peoples of the tribes and clans must be first consulted and negotiated with, and not just a select few who have been hand-selected by people employed by the Federal government under the structure of the Referendum Council. Native Title representatives have not been elected to speak or make decisions about the question of constitutional recognition and they are not to be used for this purpose by the Australian government under its employees of the Referendum Council.

The manner of seeking a First Peoples' consensus on whether or not First Peoples should be added to the Australian Constitution requires an extensive and fully inclusive consultative and informative process that allows all tribal clan families of First Peoples to be unbiasedly informed, so they can make a free, prior and informed decision about the consensus mandate that the Australian Government is seeking for inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander in its constitutional reform.

We the undersigned people demand a fair and transparent consultative process that allows all First Peoples a chance to be fully informed, consulted, and have a voice about the decision that is being imposed upon them.

The Secret Meetings
Vote 'NO' To Constitutional Change
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Don't Let the Government hijack our Lands, Culture and Sovereignty for free!

Please download Vote 'NO' To Constitutional Change pamphlet to print out and hand around.

Please warn everybody about what the dangers of assimilation without rights are.

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3. Fold into 3 sections
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Upcoming dialogues (Secret Regional Meetings) are listed below but please note dates may be subject to change if too many grassroots cotton on to the deception.
Attending the meetings and providing feedback would be very helpful - or protesting outside the meeting handing brochures to the people as they go in or come out.
10-12 February 2017

17-19 February 2017

22-24 February 2017

3-5 March 2017

10-12 March 2017

17-19 March 2017

24-26 March 2017

Ross River:
31 March - 2 April 2017

7-9 April 2017

21-23 April 2017

Torres Strait:
5-7 May 2017

Uluru - National Convention:
24-26 May 2017

Info Source: Referendum Council website