The Creation of one world government

Canadian Prime Minister "Pudge" Harper

Mowhawk Nation News 28 Dec. 2012.

Prime Minister "Pudge" Harper faces the final dissolution of the corporation of Canada. He and his cabinet signed C-45 into law. It's an unconstitutional illegal corporate by-law to enhance UN Agenda 21 to set up a one world government. To do this Canada has to take over all our land and resources through a hostile corporate take over. UN Agenda 21 is forcing changes to our lives worldwide. Harper has consulted mostly CEOs of banks, foreign oil companies and dictators.

Canada is trying to control and threaten us, reduce protection of our communities and millions of our lakes and rivers. Our communities can be leased through scam votes. The government can call a meeting of their band council and a few followers to vote to absolutely surrender our land. This vote will be deemed to have been assented to by the entire community, even though the community was never consulted.

All parks and selected lands will be UN protectorates. The Niagara Escarpment is a world biosphere protectorate ceded to the UN.

Agenda 21 has laid out a depopulation plan called "sustainable development", controlled by the UN and a one world government run by a small group of bankers.

Sustainable human settlement development means they will go into poor Indigenous areas to take our resources to the elite in rich countries. We will be moved to densely populated areas to make our lands available. Our lands will become "wild lands' where we will not be allowed to live or even traverse. That is why our communities like Attawapiskat are not being developed. Band councils, special law enforcement and consensus structures are being designed to implement this fiendish scheme in our communities.

The fire inside the Indigenous people, past, present and future, cannot be extinguished. We are facing Harper's war machines that are mounting what he thinks is the 'final solution'. He is trying to take our rights, lives and possessions. Harper, you can keep your corporate artificial band councils and their followers. The rest of us, you are going to answer directly to us!

Their desperate corporate pyramid is coming apart. They cannot save themselves by larceny, lying, attacking and threatening. Their guns are turning on themselves. Individualism is being replaced by collectivism, lies by truth, war by peace.

We Kanionkehaka saw the conflict in 1990 and learned the lessons of war. We stood up on the Guswentha [Two Row Wampum] and the Kaianerekowa [Great Law of Peace].

We were never ashamed to resist when they tried coming into our homes with guns. We didn't stand there and turn the other cheek. We did not run from the conflicts. We ran to it, like to Kanehsatake when the Quebec police opened fire on the Mohawks. Our brothers and sisters came from everywhere to help us.

Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat could die from hunger. We must run to her, not away from her. When we burn tobacco we embark on a journey, to practice, uphold and enforce the great law, the true order of the natural world.

You hit us in the face. We are running to the conflict as we are directed by the law of the land. You better remember our faces and those who could not be here or are now gone. We will proudly defend our Mother Earth.

Harper, you better watch out! ACDC sang: "Kicked in the teeth again. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you win. Kicked in the teeth again. Ain't this misery ever gonna end. And I've been kicked in the teeth, kicked in the teeth, kicked in the teeth again". Harper, it's a losing battle. Make sure your dental plan is paid up.

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