Sacred Birds poisoned under the watch of the ILC

This is yet again another disaster at the hands of the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC). The ILC is a government run body who refuse to divest land to First Nations peoples because they want to control it all themselves.

However, it's not surprising I guess, because it is a government policy not to permit First Nations people to make profit from their businesses, unless it completely controls them in every phase.

First Nations people have their hands tied at every step because of the governments greed based fears relating to economic independence.

- Ghillar Michael Anderson

Over 40 kites and eagles have been found dead after a poisoning campaign by ILC Station Manager in the NT
(Photo: Mick Estens, Katherine)

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(Photo: Mick Estens, Katherine)

A mass poisoning of birds has been discovered at at Hodgson Downs, an Aboriginal station in the Northern Territory (NT) which is managed by the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC). The birds were discovered in the same area as up to 600 cattle perished from lick starving last year, also under the management of the ILC.

In the current incident the station Manager and his 7 year old son used an ILC vehicle to put out baits around the main yards and near the airstrip scrub area towards the Aboriginal Community of Minyerri.

Over the next few days 40-50 birds were found dead, mainly 'karrkkan' (kites) and kaymarri (eagles), which were poisoned from the mass poison baiting.

The young boy shouldn't have been near the baits, but he either drove the ILC vehicle or put the baits out, both illegal, as only so many baits per square kilometer is not legal or vigilant.

The baits were within 3 kilometer of a community swimming hole were First Nations families take their children and dogs regularly.

There was a 'poison' warning sign on the gate on the main entrance to the station, but none on the side gates or the community gate. Poison warnings are very important near communities and at this location some of the elders walk their dogs there. However, Judging by the region where the poison was laid it is suspected that community dogs were the poisoning targets.

Other animals may have also taken the bates from this poisoning activity, mainly because the rules of baiting were not followed.

Dreaming Birds
The ILC should have been aware of, and taken into consideration, that these birds have cultural significance in the peoples 'Dreaming' and the mis-handling of the baits is an action of cultural genocide and a lack of respect. The ILC should acquaint itself with all aspects of culturally important details relating to the flora, fauna and 'country' in each area and ensure that their staff and contractors are aware of anything of a sensitive nature.

The ILC has been notified about this major concern but have not responded at the time of publishing.

Report provided by Mick Estens, Katherine

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