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Questioning Australia's legitimacy to sit on the security council

Ghillar Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples said from Goodooga today that he has just sent an Open Letter to all UN Ambassadors in New York to highlight Australia's questionable legitimacy on the UN Security Council and to draw attention to Australia's return to the 1920s white colonial Aryan rule. 
Australia is now a country where there are no judicial reviews possible against a form of military rule over its own population and in particular First Nations Peoples. [node:read-more:link]

[SU] Ghillar Michael Anderson honours the passing of Edward Gough Whitlam

Gough Whitlam

Ghillar Michael Anderson, the Convenor of the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples and co-founder of the 1972 Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of Euahlayi Nation, recalls the contributions Gough Whitlam made to Aboriginal rights. 'My greatest memories of Gough Whitlam are in 1972 after we had set up the Aboriginal Embassy on the front lawns of Parliament House, where we had many conversations about pathways for settling our dispute in respect to Australia's obligations to Aboriginal rights'. [node:read-more:link]

Where we are coming from, moving into a new and exciting future

With a new and exciting future ahead, Michael Anderson reminds us of where we have been in the past 40 years in respect of our struggle for land rights, sovereignty, restitution and compensation, and what has been said and acted upon by the governments.

He presents an overview of our struggle for sovereignty and outlines the importance of standing our ground. This article includes examples of the concerns the state and territories have in respect of our potential claims that will come their way.

This, people, is our time. Stand up and be counted.


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