Is There a Place Where White People Are More Committed to Faux Race Blindness than South Africa?

Racism worse than South Africa

A South African writer has claimed Australia is more racist than her homeland, where segregation by skin colour used to be law. She said the treatment of Aboriginals is worse than apartheid South Africa and that Australians are denying there are no differences between races. 'Last week I opened the newspaper and read a story about a white woman who called a family of neighbors who are originally from Sierra Leone "jungle bunnies" and "monkeys." In the story her racist rant had been filmed on their phone. I was chagrined, but others I spoke to weren't: They argued that the paper was "just trying to be neutral." [node:read-more:link]

APY food showpiece becomes a ghost town - litigation possible?

Watarru Community

This is an analysis of "APY food showpiece becomes a ghost town" written by Michael Owen and published in The Australian 27 March 2015. The Watarru First Nations Community is in APY Lands in north west South Australia which sits at the foot of Mount Lindsay and the community has at times been known as "Mount Lindsay" - A market garden offered hope to the young community members, but it was defunded by the government and closed down before it was properly established, leaving everyone confused and hurting. [node:read-more:link]

Anatomy of Racism in Australia 2015: Reading between the lines

God Save The Mining Billionaires

This is an analysis by Megan Bliss of "Aborigines must face up to the hard question" written by racist Gary Johns and published in The Australian 24 March 2014. Comment is given for the purposes of education and understanding, to speak up for the truth, to act, because history tells us that evil reigns while good people do nothing. The writer deliberately used an racist terms, patronising attitudes and tried to conveys disrespect towards all First Nations Peoples and encouraged the readers to accept his negative slant. [node:read-more:link]

It's OK to discriminate against First Nations people: 27% of Australian people

Indigenous actor Greg Fryer

An advertising campaign that explores the casual racism of Australians towards Indigenous people has been viewed more than 3.75 million times, but 20 per cent of respondents to a beyondblue survey still think it is OK to discriminate against First Nations people. It found Western Australia had the highest levels of discriminatory attitudes towards the first Australians, while 41 per cent of respondents in NSW said that "they were given an unfair advantage by the government". [node:read-more:link]

Meston's 'Wild Australia' Show 1892-1893

Meston's 'Wild Australia' Show 1892-1893

A little before 1892, Archibald Meston who later became the Southern Protector of Aboriginals for Queensland rounded up 27 First Nations people from Wakaya, Kuthant, Kurtjar, Arapa, Walangama, Mayikulan, Kabi Kabi, Kalkadoon and Muralag. There were 22 men, four women and one child. He called his prisoners the 'Wild Australia' show and carted them down the east coast of Australia until he ran out of funds and deserted them in Melbourne. - A Photographic Exhibition aims to reconnect families to their descendants. [node:read-more:link]


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