UNITY - "Unless our Peoples come together and resist as one, all that will remain will be isolated pockets of liberation fighters being oppressed by the assimilated."

The rush by the States to Treaty is to try and legitimise their claim to sovereignty. It's not about our Sovereign Rights

State governments Treaties

To assert our sovereignty effectively we need to watch out for the colonial trickery and traps. Whilst the occupying power of the Crown may say they recognise that First Nations' sovereignty has never been ceded the fact is, in some States like Victoria, the government has already totally assimilated the people through their Treaty Commission legislation, which specifies that a treaty is between the colony of Victoria and Aboriginal Victorians. So, with this the case, inherent First Nations sovereignty is being usurped by the colonial jurisdiction. [node:read-more:link]

Cooking The Books

The doctoring of Cook's journal

What are the implications if Lieutenant James Cook’s supposed Proclamation at Possession Island is a complete fraud that was concocted later?

What if Cook knew he wasn’t the first European to sight the East Coast of New Holland? Was Cook’s detailed map of the surrounds of Botany Bay,  just a way to verify that it was the same bay as the one on the map given to Joseph Banks that they brought with them? [node:read-more:link]

Unraveling Western Australia’s corruption of Native Title processes

Unravelling Western Australia’s corruption of Native Title processes

After the Native Title Act was introduced, WA introduced 'complementary' State legislation, which was a template for corruption to rob the Peoples of their lands, waters and natural resources. The First Nations Peoples of WA became stuck with Native Title facilitating bodies, which quickly manifested a very rotten strategy, to wind back the clock so that the government could take control of all the lands from the Peoples and unjustly deprive the Peoples of all that was set aside for them and their future descendants. [node:read-more:link]

The Code: Pathway to total assimilation of First Nations Peoples

The Code

Join the dots between the current Recognition campaign; Constitutional inclusion; Native Title Act's Preamble; Australia's obligations to the UN and the CERD; Special Measures; the Treaty processes and the insistence that First Nations Peoples are called 'Indigenous Australians' ... then there is the Victorian treaty legislation that introduces itself by stating that the people the treaty is for is Victorian Aborigines. If we are to reach the point where proper treaties are negotiated then we must look at some of the serious ramification that will flow. [node:read-more:link]

Yule River Walkout: and grand theft of land by design

The recent Yule River Walkout

The recent Yule River Walkout in the Pilbara demonstrates that owners of Country are working out how to challenge the way their Country is being seized and desecrated by deceit and fraud. West Australia mainstream media did not report the Yule River Walkout on 25 July 2019, but a week later local Ngaarda Media shared some of the contentious Yule River meeting on Facebook in an effort to provide some balanced reporting. Local knowledge informs us that over 9000 cultural sites belonging to three tribal groups in the Pilbara have been destroyed through the Native Title processes. [node:read-more:link]


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