UNITY - "Unless our Peoples come together and resist as one, all that will remain will be isolated pockets of liberation fighters being oppressed by the assimilated."

Entrapment by the Statement from the Heart

Noel Pearson with the Uluru Statement signed at the convention but the wording arrived later

First Nations' affairs are in a deep abyss because there is a lack of common purpose, fueled by misinformation and spin, which leads to the risk of entrapment into an assimilation push that negates our First Nations sovereignty. The First Nations Voice to Parliament clause will be "non justiciable" so if the government refuses to listen to the 'Voice' or constitutes the Voice in a way that's not democratic or whatever there will be no recourse to the courts. It quite literally creates no constitutional rights: "Modest and substantive ". [node:read-more:link]

Dispossession of First Nations maintained by archaic land tenure system

Dispossession of First Nations maintained by archaic land tenure system  - PILLIGA Coal seam gas and FEUDALISM

The announcement on 30 September 2020 of the approval for the Santos coal seam gas extraction in the Pilliga reflects the many ways the colonising power overrides First Nations, this time it's the Gomeroi/Kamilaroi Nation. 850 gas wells are proposed in the Pilliga, where our ancient Stories are now threatened in the place we call Girraween, Place of Flowers - created for the purpose of ensuring that we have a sustainable seedbank for our ecological systems within the eastern states. It also holds the Gomeroi creation site of the Kangaroo and Emu. [node:read-more:link]

British Parliamentary Report on the Aboriginals in New Holland & Van Diemen's Land 1837

Early 19th century map of Australia and New Zealand

This report tabled in the British House of Commons in 1837 is very telling on the attitudes and information received on the state of their colonies. The report for New Holland (now known as Australia) begins here:
'The inhabitants of New Holland, in their original condition, have been described by travelers as the most degraded of the human race ; but it is to be feared that intercourse with Europeans has cast over their original debasement a yet deeper shade of wretchedness.

First Nations Law Council

Sovereign Union First Nation Law Council

Ghillar Michael Anderson announces today that, after years of discussion and consultations with senior Law men and senior Law women, they have now founded the Wati Law Council in the Western Desert cultural block and, in the case of the Euahlayi Nation in the east of Australia, the Euahlayi Law Council. Discussions are continuing with other Nations’ ceremonially educated Law-holders. The processes and procedures that have been adopted are to formalise the ancient Customary Law procedures for the modern era. [node:read-more:link]

'Over Cooked': Is Captain Cook the source of British sovereignty in Australia?

The story of Lieutenant James Cook and British Sovereignty over Australia has been overcooked. At no time on any of Cook's three voyages to the Pacific was he intending to go anywhere near New Holland. He did chart the east coast of New Holland in 1770, but that was not part of his Instructions. The whole story about Cook and his association with the claim of British Sovereignty over the lands now known as Australia is retrospective, rather than consistent with the events of the time. Cook's initial "mission" was to get to Tahiti to study the Transit of Venus, and to then look for the fabled Great Southern Land, Terra Australis. [node:read-more:link]


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