Audio - Homelands

Indigenous leaders in South Australia are calling for a guarantee that remote communities in the state won't close as a result of funding cuts. Crisis meetings were held in the state over the weekend, and leaders are calling for an urgent meeting with the State Government.
British atomic bomb testing began at Maralinga in South Australia in 1956 and 1957 with minor trials continuing into the early 1960s. But it's only more recent decades that stories have emerged about what happened to the people living near the site. One of those stories is Yami Lester's, a Yankunytjatjara man, who was only 10-years-old when the testing began
Proposed WA remote community closures labelled "ethnic cleansing" by Dennis Eggington, the CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia.
Representatives from three Aboriginal homelands in Australia's Northern Territory have called for more consultation with the Federal Government on policies affecting indigenous people. They've just returned from visiting Canberra, where they raised concerns about legislation known as "Stronger Futures". They say the policy is pushing Aboriginal people to move away from their traditional homelands into towns for work and education.