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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was offered an First Nations Nations passport in an inner-city Sydney ceremony after he was "abandoned" by Australian authorities. His father, John Shipton, accepted the document at a celebration in Darlington on 15 September 2012. CAAMA News report.
Rosalie Kunoth Monkson talks about the government forcing people off the Homelands and into Town Camps. Homelands are communities established by Aboriginal people so that they can maintain their connection with their traditional, ancestral land.
Michael Mansell on Constitutional Reform. From CAAMA News with Paul Wiles.
In August 1966, Gurindji man Vincent Lingiari led Aboriginal workers on a walk-off at Wave Hill pastoral station in the Northern Territory. They were protesting against discriminatory working conditions, but they also demanded the return of their traditional land
Palm Island's mayor Alf Lacey wants the Queensland government to compensate his community for emotional trauma if it agrees to pay the legal costs for a police officer cleared of the brutal killing Mr Doomadgee in the island's watchhouse. Mayor Lacey said the application's approval would be yet another blow for the community, which feels it has been denied justice over the incident. - CAAMA Radio News report with Paul Wiles.
SBS Report 1. Stronger Futures is a "war on democracy": Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra - A respected Yolngu leader has slammed both major parties for passing the Stronger Futures laws, stating they have both "stolen the authority and responsibility of Aboriginal people" and started a "war on democracy".
SBS Report 2. Stronger Futures is a "war on democracy": Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra - The Stronger Futures laws, which extend and expand many aspects of the NT intervention, were passed in the Senate early this morning, following a marathon debate surrounding the asylum seeker crisis.
Michael Anderson, Co-ordinator of 'Sovereign Union' is interviewed by SBS for NAIDOC Week 2012. "The Sovereignty Movement is becoming an organic movement through the embassies. People are beginning to assert their sovereign rights and say to the Australian Government, 'Hang on a minute, we never ever ceded anything to you ... " he said
ABC 612 Brisbane's Breakfast program coverage of events at Musgrave Park, where police have arrived and were about to evict the Aboriginal Tent Embassy ahead of Paniyiri Greek Festival - Wayne Wharton was interviewed.
In this Podcast Michael Anderson explains 'Aboriginal Sovereignty' at the National Univerity in Canberra in January 2012. He explains the 'Doctrine of Discovery' and other related documents. He outlines what they mean in relation to Aboriginal sovereign rights.
Sue Lee from 3CR's 'Wednesday Hometime' interviews Michael Anderson - Here we have Michael explaining his investigating trip to England and his findings after viewing 'The Pacific Islanders Protetection Act 1975', and his talks with constitunional lawyers regarding the legiminacy of the explicit findings.
The New South Wales Police Integrity Commissioner says his organisation has neither the resources nor the expertise to carry out an independent investigation into the shooting by police of two teenagers at Kings Cross in Sydney last month. The incident and graphic amateur vision of its aftermath led to calls for an independent probe.
Police brutality is out of control - Ray Jackson, spokesperson from Indigenous Social Justice Association talks about the shooting of two Aboringal teenagers at Kings Cross, NSW, who allegedly stole a car. Amateur mobile phone video footage demonstrates unnecessary police brutality.
21 Original Nations in New South Wales and Queensland have united to control the waterflow in the Murray Darling Basin. Fred Hooper, Chairperson of the The Northern Murray Darling Basin Aboriginal Nations is interviewd on 3CR's Earth Matters.
Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation CEO Michael Woodley on campaign to protect the Yindjibarndi People's sacred land & sovereign rights from iron ore giant Fortescue Metals Group (FMG). 3CR Radio 'Earth Matters'
Portland Sovereign Embassy is visited by reporter Margaret Burin after 100 days of standing strong on country. Sandra Onus explains Originals customs and tradition meanings relating to the land and that cultural tradition dictates that Aboriginal people need control over their Clan areas.
Councillor Gilbert Wilson, Mayor of Glenelg Shire is questioned by ABC South Western Victoria's Jeremony Lee about the Portland Tent Embassy. Councillor Wilson states the Shire Council's position just one week after the Embassy was established in February 2012.
Professor Henry Reynolds is an historian, and author, predominantly focussed on the history of Aboriginal and settler relations including the violent conflicts between settler Australians and Indigenous Australians in 20 books and countless articles. Interview with Kate O'Toole, ABC Darwin
Arabunna Elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott's challenge to Federal Court approval of BHP-Billeton's Olympic Dam uranium mine expansion gets dismissed - BHP & the Federal Government seek court costs from Uncle Kev, who is an elderly pensioner. Also, update from Portland Aboriginal Tent Embassy. - 3CR Earth Matters | 5th May 2012
Aboriginal perspective of the motion was put forward and carried at the Glenelg Shire Council April meeting, recognising the rights of the Portland Sovereign Aboriginal Embassy to protest. Sandra Onus, Aboriginal Activist from the Embassy speaks on 3CR's 'Earth Matters'.

Historical Acivism

The story of Aboriginal activist, Anthony Martin Fernando who protested on the streets of early 20th Century Europe and England against the British government and the treatment of Australian Aborigines.
Anthony Martin Fernando was one of the first Aboriginal political activists yet he lived more than half his life overseas. This program documents Fernando's solitary life and extraordinary political career. On his sometimes wandering journey, he left evidence - bits and pieces of an activist life that we're only now putting together.

Fernando told anyone who cared to listen that his people were being exterminated, that the toy skeletons he sold on the streets of London were all that Australia had left of his people. - This program was first broadcast on Hindsight on July 13 2007.