SU Gathering of Nations 2015 - Canberra

Whether your Nation fully understands the implications of Sovereignty, UDIs, Treaties or the Con in Constitutional Recognition or not, you are welcome to the Gathering of Nations to contribute and learn.

21 - 22 November 2015
Old Parliament House, Canberra

Camping at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy

To be fully involved in discussions you need to have the right to speak for Country, the authority to speak for your Nation or the right to collect information for your nation. We would like you to introduce your delegation by identifying who you are, what Nation you belong to and your Dreaming. Bring your flag if you have one.

Observers welcome. If you are stolen generation or have been forcefully dislocated from your Country/Nation, you must inform us all, because we must restore knowledge, as it is not within our culture for our people to be without Dreaming and Connection to Country.

It is time to bring back the fullness and health of our culture, which underpins our culture. [... and don't rely on anthropologists and genealogists because they are known to get it wrong!]


  • Unilateral Declarations of Independence (UDIs) and nation rebuilding updates;
  • Identify problems and collectively locate solutions;
  • Work collectively with Nations on strategies and methodologies to achieve our inalienable right to govern ourselves in accordance with international law & identify relevant UN resolutions and covenants;
  • Defining sovereignty and understanding Treaties between Nations;
  • Combating the deliberate destruction of our cultural heritage;
  • Decolonisation; Citizenships;
  • The Con in Constitutional Recognition
  • Sharing the information - Media and education strategies

The venue for 2015 will be the Main Dining Room of Old Parliament House which can hold 400 people. It is larger than the House of Representatives in Old Parliament House where we have held previous gatherings. We are charging a small registration fee of $20 per day to cover venue expenses. The room in the Old Parliament House building can hold 400 people.

Camping at the Aboriginal Embassy but be as self-sufficient as possible.