Outline for 50th Anniversary of Aboriginal Embassy

50th Anniversary Aboriginal Embassy, Canberra

19 December 2021

Media Release

By Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, last surviving member of the founding four of the Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic said from Canberra today.

In commencing this outline of the program for 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the 1972 Aboriginal Embassy in Canberra by Billy Craigie, Bertie Williams, Tony Coorey and myself, we must understand the call that was made by the Embassy.

The primary focus of the Aboriginal Embassy was to challenge the then Prime Minister, Billy McMahon’s Liberal-National party’s national policy that ‘Aborigines’ would be leased lands. This was a red flag to us young Aboriginal fighters for justice. The focus also included the fact that we are sovereign Peoples prior to and continuing to be sovereign independent Nations who have never ceded our lands and waters. We were never defeated in a declared war, nor did we acquiesce or cede by way of surrendering our rights to our Country and our Laws.

We must impress upon all concerned within Australian society that by the Australian High Court’s definitions in recent times, we are neither citizens nor aliens as ruled in Thoms v Cth and Love v Cth 2020. By definition, of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, the Australian governments are occupying powers operating under the sovereign claim by the British monarch. Australia does not have its own independent sovereign status. Its alleged legitimacy comes from the British sovereign monarch who permits the parliaments of State, Federal and Territory governments, to govern at her pleasure and her discretion with delegated powers. This statement is proven by the fact that no parliamentary legislation has legal force with HRH Elizabeth II proxies (Governor-General and Governors) signing them into law. This is the ruling monarch’s power over all that goes on in this country.

This 50th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Embassy has to give rise to a new awakening. We continue to have nothing. Exclusive possession native rights, as determined, or consented to, do not give you ownership in your Nation’s name. The title that is registered on these lands is ‘Unused State Lands (USL)’. The question then is: What does it means when they say ‘non-exclusive possession lands’? Have a look at the power that Prescribed Body Corporates (PBCs) have under the Native Title Act 1993 as amended, then look at the dictatorial powers of ORIC - Office of the Registry of Indigenous Corporations.

If our Peoples wish to alter the classification of the USL land title to freehold, then you are subject to all the laws of the occupying power, that is, Council rates and other levees.

If we leave the land as Unused State Lands, then the land has no financial value. What makes this even worse, is the fact that you do not have veto powers over transnational corporations’ interests in developing the natural resources on those lands and waters.

People, there is a one-way street in favour of the occupying power. We cannot continue to tolerate this oppression, dictatorship and tyranny. It is time to show leadership and lead. We have a great challenge before us. Whilst the original 1972 Aboriginal Embassy set the agenda for a new pathway back then, the Embassy continues to be the thorn in the Australian occupiers’ side.

This 50th Anniversary must now unify and direct the fire in our bellies. We can only achieve positive change if we set our sights on clear objectives for the future. In this regard, there will be a presentation on Thursday 27 January in the Albert Hall, 100 Commonwealth Ave, Yarralumla, next to the Hyatt Hotel, where it is proposed to set a direction towards decolonisation and self-determination and re-establishing our Nations’ power and authority under our Laws and customs.

Below is an overview of the program for the acknowledgement of the 50th year of the Aboriginal Embassy’s challenge to the occupying power.

Overview of Program for
Aboriginal Embassy 50th Anniversary
Wednesday 26 January 2022
National Film & Sound Archives McCoy Cct, ACTON, 2601 8am-9am March Preparation
Assemble on lawns at the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA), McCoy Circuit, Acton ACT 2601
Gather with Flags of the Embassy First Nations and banners for March to remember 20 July 1972 Embassy resistance
National Film & Sound Archives McCoy Cct, ACTON, 2601 9-10am Welcome to Country
Smoking ceremony
and scene setting
March from lawns of National Film & Sound Archives 10am-12noon 50th Anniversary March – remembering historic march of 20 July 1972 from ANU March to new Parliament House with water station etc along the way
New parliament House 12noon - 1pm Refreshments
New Parliament House - Mosaic, Forecourt & lawns 1pm Associated Stories and Achievements of the Aboriginal Embassy Stories of the 1972 Aboriginal Embassy
New Parliament House 3pm - 4pm Break: Walk to Aboriginal Embassy & reassemble
Aboriginal Embassy (Old Parliament House) 4pm - 6pm Open Forum and Q&A + 'Where to from here?'
Aboriginal Embassy 6pm - 7:30pm Break & Dinner Bring food to share
Aboriginal Embassy 7:30pm - Traditionsal Dance Songs and Stories

Albert Hall Conference

Thursday 27 January 2022
Conference: Decolonisation and the Sovereign Right to Self-Determination –
'Where To From Here?'
Albert Hall,
100 Commonwealth Ave,
Yarralumla, ACT 2601
9am Welcome & scene setting Registration & Welcome to conference
Albert Hall
(Address above)
9.10am - 11am Decolonisation And The Sovereign Right To Self-Determination
(including Celestial Law & Ritual Statutes)
Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of Sovereign Union & Leader of the Euahlayi Nation
Concepts introduction
Albert Hall
(Address above)
11am - 11.30am Break and 50th Cake
Albert Hall
(Address above)
11.30am - 12.10pm Four Master Tropes
(& understanding how double-speak is used against us)
+ Q&A
Prof Gary Lilienthal, International lawyer
Concept introduction:
Albert Hall
(Address above)
12.10pm-12.40pm Predictive insights
Elisa Choy, Analysing Big Data for predictive insights to empower leaders
Albert Hall
(Address above)
12.4- - 1pm TBA
Albert Hall
(Address above)
1pm - 2pm Lunch break
Albert Hall
(Address above)
2pm - 3.30pm Speakers Panel
Open Forum
Albert Hall
(Address above)
1pm - 2pm Break
Albert Hall
(Address above)
4pm - 5.00 Open Forum and Agreed Action Plan
Tuesday Evening 25 January 2022
Reconciliation Place TBA Evening with Wesley Enoch The night before the tall ships arrived
Ghillar, Michael AndersonContact: Ghillar Michael Anderson
Convenor of the Sovereign Union,
Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic
Contact Details here