Sovereign Treaties under International Law


Sovereign First Nations hold the Law of the Land, the continental common which has never been taken away. No-one can legally take a country through genocide and massacre.

Commonwealth of Australia rules in right of the Crown of Britain, that's why all laws are assented to by the Governor-general and State laws are assented to by Governors, representing HRH Elizabeth II.

The 'Batman Treaty' was the only documented time when Europeans negotiated their presence and occupation of Aboriginal lands directly with the owners. - Wikipedia

Commonwealth of Australia does not have its own sovereignty but depends on Britain's sovereignty.

Treaties under international law are between Sovereign Nations.

So at the moment Sovereign First Nations can only negotiate with Sovereign Head of Australia which is the Queen, through the Privy Council and the British parliament.

Mabo High Court case ruled that First Nations have a proprietary interest in land and Australia never gained a BENEFICIAL root title to land.

To negotiate Treaties with Australia currently is a complete farce because First Nations would only be treatying with a federation of COLONIES.

Any negotiations between First Nations and Australia cannot be legitimised until Britain and Australia sever ties over sovereignty.

The legitimacy of the 1986 Australia Act is questionable in terms of its constitutionality.

Until 1986 Australia Act is properly examined by the International Court, First Nations would loose too much because any agreement with Australia would be a domestic contract able to be changed by the Australian parliament.

Turnbull and Shorten must consult with the people of Australia if they are intending to separate from Britain and become a Republic; and must negotiate with First Nations.

Some Sovereign First Nations have already made Declarations of Independence (UDIs) and are treatying with each other. First Nations have a right to do this under international law. There is no arbitrary rule here.

Any treaty/treaties negotiations with the Commonwealth or member States are premature.

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, 4 September 2017

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