Images - Week 2

Muckaty: 10th June 2014: Justice Anthony North with traditional owner Dick Foster at Muckaty Station. The Commonwealth is planning to build the nation's first nuclear waste dump on the land. Mr Foster has pointed out the culturally significant parts of the site. (Source ABC - Pic: Robert Herrick)

Jeannie Sambo
Jeannie Sambo of the Milwayi clan told the media 'our land is more important than money'. (Photo: Neda Vanovac/AAP)

muckaty ronald morrison
Ronald Morrison of the Milwayi clan says 'the dump would destroy our land'. (Photo: Neda Vanovac/AAP)

Bunny Nabarula
Bunny Nabarula gives evidence to the special Federal Court hearing at Muckaty Station. (Photo: ABC News: Robert Herrick)