Opposition to Australia gaining a seat on the UN Human Rights Council & 'Recognise'

Background image: Julie Bishop Minister of Foreign Affairs Australia speaking at United Nations (graphic adjustments)
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Ghillar, Michael Anderson
Ghillar is the convenor of the Sovereign Union of Aboriginal Nations and Peoples and Head of State of Euahlayi Peoples Republic. He is the last surviving member of the four young Aboriginal men who founded the Aboriginal Embassy in Canberra, 1972.

Ghillar Michael Anderson 20 May 2016

As the founder and convenor of the Sovereign Union I am releasing a lengthy brief dated 31 March 2016 to the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, because I do not believe Australia is worthy of a seat on such an important international commission.

In the context of the forthcoming elections it is important for First Peoples to raise some very serious issues. The allocation of $15 million on top of the already generous budget for the Recognise campaign, while ignoring grass roots opposition, is only a pathetic and condescending approach to something that may not get up as a successful referendum vote. There is still no final wording for the text of a constitutional referendum and today's ABC news from the Vote Compass that 75% of mainstream Australians support Aboriginal inclusion in the constitution is at odds with the opposition from grassroots First Peoples who are demanding Treaties rather than tokenistic words in the Racist constitution, which defines us as 'aliens' not citizens.

Additionally, there is evidence that the Commonwealth is coercing Aboriginal organisations to support the Recognise campaign, otherwise their funding is cut.

On 2 June 2015, the Aboriginal Medical Service of Western Sydney (AMSWS) broke the news on the ABC Lateline program that a key performance indicator of funding through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) was demonstrable support for Recognise. A month later comes the news that all Federal funding is ceasing and the AMSWS will be forced to close its doors to the 11,000 patients to whom it provides healthcare.

We have never seen a 'Recognition Rally' where there is an Aboriginal flag in sight. (graphic adjustments on banner)

Furthermore, the Captain's Pick to have Pat Dodson made a senator for three weeks is an absolute insult to many Aboriginal people and to then parade him around like the British did with Bennelong is all designed to pretend to the world that the Australian government loves Aboriginal people.

Image: Patrick Dodson and Mark Leibler
Mark Leibler, the non-indigenous Co-Chair of the new Referendum Council is joined by other non-indigenous lawyers and media experts on the panel who make decisions for First Nations peoples future with a wad of money to spend. Stan Grant has recently been coerced into joining the council since Dodson's move to federal politics.
- Inset: Mark Leibler and John Howard. Image snapped at an 'Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council' function where former PM John Howard received an award.

In regards to this, grassroots have another interpretation for the acronym for Indigenous Land Use Agreements - ILUAs - that coercively surrender inherited homelands without a whimper, it is 'I Love You Aborigines!'.

This is happening while the state and federal police throughout the country continue to exercise absolute force and thereby continue the instilling of terror into our people. This is not shown by mainstream media and the politicians. What then is the bipartisan agenda?

It is of course not publicly stated that both the Commonwealth government and the Labor opposition are taking this opportunity to falsely pretend to the rest of the world that Australia has a good little government despite still having to use their 'training wheels', because the mother state England has not yet released the colonial shackles. The overall focus is to gain a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.
pdf Letter dated 31 March 2016 to UN Secretary-General, Mr Ban Ki-moon

Contact: Ghillar Michael Anderson
Convener of Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic Contact Details