Frontier Wars 2023 “Help Us Bury Our Dead”

Frontier Wars ANZAC Day Remembrance Day March Canberra - Assemble at 8:30am, East side of Turkish Memorial (Easy Parking) Top of Anzac Parade, Parkes ACT - All Welcome
Media Release

20 April 2023

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, last surviving member of the founding four of the Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic asserts the First Nations’ priority to bury the dead lying in unmarked sites across the continent.

In this day and age of reconciliation, truth-telling and a proposition that the Australian constitution should include recognition of First Nations Peoples to grant us a Voice, is all without the truth.

One could think that before all is settled by consultation and negotiation, we cannot come to any concluded agreement by a select group of elite First Nations people and Torres Strait Islanders, falsely pretending that they represent an homogeneous group as this is so far from the truth. There are hundreds of First Nations with unceded inherent sovereignties and diverse cultures.

So then, what does this have to do with Anzac Day, 25 April 2023?

Australia has always successfully manipulated the truth to suit their narratives. In fact, they are so good at it, that they can say that Aboriginal people are a distinct racial group vastly different from the rest of humankind, because they have, over the years, mutilated and dissected bodies, and scanned thousands of blood samples of First Nations people across this country to conduct their eugenics programme with an assimilation strategy to make Aboriginal people white Australians. According to their pseudo-science, Aboriginal Peoples are a distinct race independent from the Peoples of the rest of the world.

Like the Spanish attitude in South America, otherness was not an acceptable trait for inclusion into their society. In Australia such was the disdain for First Nations Peoples by the squattocracy that, supported by the Crown’s governors and high officials in the colony, that murder, massacre (not just by use of guns, but by poisons and biological warfare, e.g. smallpox) was perpetuated with impunity.

All the current efforts to reconcile and get constitutional agreements are a perverted and evil way of avoiding the reality of Australia’s foundation, and again we now see a repetition of the classic story of Antigone, who challenged the Greek King Creon for the right to bury her brother. The king chose sacrilege by forbidding Antigone her right. Antigone defied the King in order to uphold the sacredness of ‘the one law always was and shall forever be’ by asserting,

“No edict of yours could ever outweigh the law ordained by the gods,
the unwritten law, unchanging for all eternity, its origin lost in time!
I can face death, but I cannot leave my brother unburied!
You may think me foolish. Then you may be the greater fool!

One law rules all the dead!”

The king lost his crown and had to leave.

So, our theme for this year's Anzac Day: “Help Us Bury Our Dead” is influenced by the knowledge that the b****** squattocracy and the colonial administrative supporters, left our Peoples’ bodies to rot for the birds and animals to devour their flesh and for the sun to bleach their bones. Modern Australia is a country founded by murderers and thieves, who avoided any and all responsibility for depredations, insults and aggressions against our Peoples.

As I said to David Hurley at Government House in Sydney when he was Governor of NSW, “We cannot reconcile between the colonial society and our First Nations Peoples, whilst ever our People's bones remain in the open in unmarked sites.” I explained how First Nations Law and culture and customary practices demand that the dead are revered and buried with Respect. His response at this meeting was that he would put it to the NSW government to request assistance from the Australian Defence Force to use the instruments that were used at the Somme, France, to locate the human remains of Australian soldiers from the Second World War.

Governor Hurley, now the Governor-General of Australia, did not return any correspondence to me in relation to this proposal. Australians now celebrate the fallen in war to defend freedom and democracy, doctrines that are not applied to First Nations Peoples.

So, the request through the theme “Help Us Bury Our Dead” is a public appeal to say that, if the government and military forces are not prepared to accept the challenge to locate and help us bury our dead, then we have another very good argument as to why the public should vote ‘No’ for a proposed First Nations Voice to parliament, that will not reap any real rewards.

Ghillar, Michael AndersonContact: Ghillar Michael Anderson
Convenor of the Sovereign Union,
Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic
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