Sovereign Embassies & Police Brutality - ISJA Media Release



On Friday 25th May 2012 we will be holding a supporting rally for our Brothers and Sisters who were evicted by force out of their Sovereign Embassies in Perth and in Brisbane. They were peacefully camped on their Traditional Lands and holding constructive talks about what action would be required to have the relevant State Governments to accept their right to locate a permanent Sovereign Embassy on their own Lands, among other rights.

That Right has been accepted and won for the Tent Embassy in the ACT and it is our view that there must be granted by State and Territory Governments that permanent Sovereign Embassies be located in each capital city and/or any other designated location as chosen by the Traditional Owners. This is our Right on our invaded Lands. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land.

Instead our Mobs were faced with the same intractable violence from the State and their police forces.

On Herrison Island in Perth the peaceful Nyoongar campers were faced with Council Rangers and many many police. One media report stated:

“Riot squad police armed with Tasers and officers on horseback moved into the camp as Perth City Council rangers dismantled tents and moved equipment this afternoon.

The four people were arrested on charges including obstruct police, refusing to provide details and disorderly conduct. One move on notice was also issued and protest signs and other items were seized by council staff and police.

Three police vans with metal shields over the windows arrived at the camp just after 2pm followed by a half a dozen other police vehicles and four officers on horses. More police arrived about 20 minutes later.

Officers formed one long line and moved through the camp.”

This extreme and over-zealous reply is, of course, nothing new to our people. These hate campaigns against us have continued for over 224 years and will continue until we are fully recognized as being Sovereign Peoples and equal to the invader-Governments of the Stolen Lands.

The situation at Musgrave Park in Brisbane was equally as violent when police moved in to dismantle the peaceful Jagera and Turrbal Nations from their Sovereign Embassy. Such was the concern raised at the actions of the Qld. Police that the ACTU Congress issued the following Resolution.

“The ACTU Congress stands in solidarity with the unionists and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander activists at the culturally significant site at Musgrave Park – Brisbane, QLD.

Congress expresses its concern about the apparent return to negative tactics used by the Queensland Government in the 1970’s and 1980’s against citizens of Queensland.

Campbell Newman has been elected to govern for all Queenslanders, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders, and this Congress calls on the Newman Government and the BCC to respect the rights of freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and protest.”

Mover: Dave Matters Union: RTBU QLD
Seconder: Allen Hicks Union: ETU

It is perhaps ironic that Friday 25th 2012 will also be the 45th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, an action that was fought for over a ten year period to obtain Justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We won the battle, maybe, but definitely not the war. That sadly still continues as exampled above.
Come join us to show not only solidarity with our Mobs but also to show that you fully support our unalienable rights to our Lands.

12.30pm outside Parliament House Macquarie Street Sydney on Friday 25th May 2012.

Contact Ray Jackson on 0450651063 or Raul Bassi on 0403037376