Original protester arrested at Walmadan Embassy

Media Release - Broome Community No Gas Campaign

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Traditional Owners arrested and dragged off road as blockade continues nears James Price Point.

Today police moved in to break up a blockade camp of Traditional Owners and supporters, handing out 10 move on notices and arresting Traditional owner Janet Cox, who lay down in the middle of the road to stop Woodside's drilling equipment from passing into the work area.

One protestor was locked to the underside of a truck as it attempted to travel to the worksite. The protestor has since cut off.

A convoy of Woodside vehicles with drilling equipment was escorted by police into the compound on Saturday morning to begin extraction of 35 million litres of water from the Broome Aquifer for testing. Goolarabooloo traditional owners and supporters have been camping inside Woodside's compound, blocking the equipment from leaving the lay down area.

In a statement taken before she was arrested, Janet Cox said: "I have inherited Country from my old people, and as custodian I have my rights to stand up and protect our Native land - from bullies, selfishness and greed.

Country keeps me strong and healthy. Country is very important and precious to keep for my children, grand children and our future generations. No Government has any right to over-ride our sovereign rights, to destroy culture, our songline and people's ability to live in harmony. We have hearts, souls, and strong feelings - and you still want to take our land from under our feet and drag us off Country like we are rubbish."

Police move on traditional owners protesting to save Broome's water supply

Green Left Weekly Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Broome Community No Gas coalition released the statement below on August 17.

The Broome Community has vowed to stop Woodside's works as they are illegal, and will damage the Broome town water supply, after a convoy of Woodside vehicles entered the compound near James Price Point this morning.

Earlier today Goolarabooloo traditional owners were given move-on notices after occupying an access track to the compound for over 24 hours. Other Goolarabooloo member have since re-entered the site via helicopter to monitor Woodside's works and recommence their cultural practices on their Songcycle path.

Police have reopened Manari Rd, after two protestors locked onto a cement filled barrel were removed from the road earlier this morning.

Yesterday Goolarabooloo Senior Law Boss Joseph Roe was prevented from travelling along Manari Rd by police, as he attempted to go to the drill site.

Woodside are planning to extract 35 million litres of water from the Broome Aquifer over 7 days, for testing. The Broome community relies on this aquifer for their domestic and commercial water use.

Phillip Roe said: "Woodside's works are illegal, they have tried to compulsorily acquire this land because we did not give them permission, and we will keep challenging this destruction and Colin Barnett who wants to industrialise the Kimberley."

Top: Janet Cox being arrested - 19 August 2012 - Walmadan [Photo: BCNGC] - Larger size in gallery
Bottom: Inside the gas-hub compound, Walmadan Embassy - August 17. [Photo: Damian Kelly]