Sovereign Union may set up its first international office in Fiji

There is movement on a plan to unite First Nations people in the Pacific

Jeremy Geia – Political Reporter NITV News December 2012

The Sovereign Union, Australia's interim National Unity Government may set up its first international office in Fiji.

Indigenous Fijians are interested in formalising an alliance with Australia's First Nations people as they fight to retain land and sea rights and there are plans to organise a Pacific parliament on the lines of the European Union.

Oni Kirwin, is a First Nations woman from Fiji who is passionate about keeping her sovereign rights alive and is currently in Australia forging links with the Sovereign Union movement.

Oni says that Fiji's constitutional reforms could move the building blocks of First Nations governance and that the current regime's move to mainstream the original Fijians is a form of genocide.

The assimilation and social engineering policies in Fiji are similar to the policies Australian First Nations peoples have been subjected to, she told NITV News.

She told NITV News that she has been interrigated a number of times for taking a pro-sovereignty stance and now wants a formal alliance with Australia's First Nation peoples to learn about the impact of mainstreaming.

"I am really encouraging Michael Anderson to come to Fiji and set himself up there as the government in exile for First Nations people of Australia, and I stand to help him with that". she said.

It was this time last year that Michael Anderson spoke to the First Nation Fijians about the sovereignty movement and about setting up a Pacific parliament similar to the Euopean Union for First Nations states and nations.

Michael Anderson, the official Sovereign Union representative said the Pacific partnership is an important one for maintaining land and sea ownership and said more countries are expected to offer support to the movement in Australia.