Woomera Sovereign Embassy

Woomera Sovereign Rights Union
Towards a just republic for all

The question of Sovereignty of this land and country, Australia, without a doubt, was invested in and given to Aboriginal Australia by the Spiritual Ancestor Kguyalum who separated the lands between Papua New Guinea and the islands that make up the Australian land mass.

After defeating invaders armed with bows and arrows from the North (what is now PNG) Kguyalum struck the land with a yam stick (Ganda), creating the many islands of the Torres Straits, separating the land from the PNG coastline and creating our country for Aboriginal Australia.

Kguyalum holding up the bow and arrow said, “This (bow and arrow) does not belong to us or in this counrty!” He then threw the bow and arrow to the North towards PNG. Kguyalum, holding up the Woomera, then stated, “This (the woomera) represents the LAW (sovereignty) of all the islands and lands to the South of the coastline of PNG!”

Kguyalum was responsible for giving each group its own Languages and Culture from Yarrabah in the South to the top Western islands in the North of Australia.

On May 16 Aboriginal people and their supporters took a stand for Aboriginal Sovereignty against the brutal State of Queensland. This act lit a candle of hope in many people's hearts. To help turn these small flames into Sovereignty fires across Queensland the Woomera Sovereign Rights Union has been formed.

Join our fight for the rights of the Sovereign peoples of this land!

For more information phone Wayne on 0408 064 900 or Hamish on 0401 586 923