Four people have been arrested while attending Freedom Flotilla safe passage prayers

Freedom Flotilla Media Report 28 August 2013

Freedom Flotilla West Papua has reported that 4 people have been arrested in front of a church in Sorong where peaceful actions and prayers were held.

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Inside church, Sorong, 28 August

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Outside Church, Sorong, 28 August

Latest reports received by the flotilla from activists on the ground


"In Sorong on the 28th of August a congregation was held in the Maranatha church hall, surrounded by hundreds of police and armored cars. Marantha Church is Protestant Church, Papuan people always used this church to pray for their struggle."


At 2:00pm more than 2000 Papuan people participated. They were celebrating from 2:00pm until 4:00pm, before trying to hold a press conference in front of the church. Suddenly Police came and arrested 4 Papuan Leaders namely:

1. Apolos Sewa
2. Yohanes Goram
3. Amandus Mirino
4. Semuel Kasdjok

They where brought to the police station where Police are expected to interogate them.



In Merauke the Governor of the Federated Republic of West Papua Ha Anim region expressed his welcome to the Freedom Flotilla. People from remote parts of Merauke district descended on Merauke city to join in welcoming the Freedom Flotilla. The Governor along with the people prepared 52 garlands of flowers to offer to Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, Jacob Rumbiak, and all activists on board the Freedom Flotilla.

Comment from NFRPB Representative

Should Jakarta allow the boats of Peace and Justice to enter Merauke, it is the hope of Papuan people that they will travel throughout Papua from Merauke to Timika, Fak Fak, Sorong, Manokwari, Nabire, Serui, Biak and Jayapura. The Papuan people will give their full support, in the form of traditional dances, food, security and everything they have to offer as long as they should stay in Papua.