Ancient sites

Evidence for Indigenous Australian Agriculture

Australian First Nations and peoples – how to misunderstand their science

A volatile outburst from one of the twin stars Eta Carinae. A similar outburst was recorded by Aboriginal Australians.

(Image: NASA) - More: Exploding Star in Aboriginal Dreamtime Australian Geographics

Why all Australian kids should learn First Nation peoples history

The archaeological history of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia is a truly remarkable story that very few Australians are aware of ... Perhaps the most deceptive myth perpetuated about Aboriginal society is the idea it was 'primitive', 'stone age', 'nomadic', or 'unevolved'. This type of thinking feeds racist stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes which continue to marginalise and disassociate Aboriginal Australians from the national identity.

Bead currency used as possible first export industry before 'Australia'

How First Nations people survived through the Ice Age

Southeast Asia and Australia during the last Ice Age. (Photo: Migration Heritage NSW)

Wes Judd Australian Geographic 27 September 2013 [node:read-more:link]

First Nations rock art is at risk


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