UNESCO rejects 'feeble' Abbott government bid to wind back protection of Tasmanian forests

Australia has been 'humiliated' by the governments efforts to de-register part of Tasmania world heritage forests, according Greens leader Christine Milne.

Andrew Darby Sydney Morning Herald 24 June 24 2014 [node:read-more:link]

'Go directly to jail card' for protesters in Tasmania

First Nations people will be affected by these treacherous legislation's as "all" protesters will be automatically jailed on a second offence. This legislation is in line with all Neo-Liberal governments running rampant across Australia with their reduction of spending on all social projects in order to enhance the wealth and power of the filthy rich.

Tasmania's Black War: a tragic case of lest we remember?

Nowhere was resistance to white colonisers greater than from Tasmanian Aborigines, but within a generation only a few had survived the Black War.

Extinguishing First Nations and Peoples claims to sovereignty by collaboration

" ... 'Cleaning up' out-of-date parts of the Constitution such as section 25 ... or mucking around with s51 (race powers) will not help a single Aboriginal," Michael Mansell, Legal Director of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre said. "No state has ever used s25 and would not get away with it today.

"The proposal is to constitutionally delete Aborigines from the constitutional face of Australia. This promotes assimilation and effectively forces Aborigines to copy the behaviour of white people if Aborigines expect not to be discriminated against. It is a deplorable statement.”

Mr Mansell also said that the proposal to make English the national language is based on notions of "white supremacy” and could have the effect of making Aboriginal languages "subservient” to English. [node:read-more:link]


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