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The Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in 'Australia' is asserting genuine pre-existing and continuing sovereignty over First Nations' territories, lands waters and natural resources. This is a liberation struggle educating, communicating, advocating and promoting the capacity-building of First Nation clans and Nations towards independence and governance, and involving reparation.. Facebook - Sovereign Union (
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Wayne (Coco) Wharton

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 12:35am
ABC 612 Brisbane's Breakfast program coverage of events at Musgrave Park, where police have arrived and were about to evict the Aboriginal Tent Embassy ahead of Paniyiri Greek Festival - Wayne Wharton was interviewed. - ABC 612 Brisbane 15/05/12 #AustraliaBrisbaneTentEmbassyAboriginalSovereign

Portland Sovereign Embassy after 100 days

Sun, 2012/07/01 - 12:24am
Portland Sovereign Embassy is visited by reporter Margaret Burin after 100 days of standing strong on country. Sandra Onus explains Originals customs and tradition meanings relating to the land and that cultural tradition dictates that Aboriginal people need control over their Clan areas. - ABC Ballarat #AustraliaAboriginalSovereignTentEmbassyVictoria

Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra

Sat, 2012/06/30 - 1:24pm
Dr Gondarra talks about the racist and dis-empowing intervention the day after the bill was passed by government - No 2

Sovereignty Movement Donations - Michael Anderson recorded in February, 2012

Sat, 2012/06/30 - 1:02pm
Explained by Michael Anderson in February, 2012 #AboriginalAustraliaSovereignty