Northern Territory Youth Detention Royal Commission - MEDIA WATCH

Northern Territory Youth Detention Royal Commission - 2017 MEDIA WATCH



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28/04/17 ARTICLE: Adam Giles tells royal commission he can't recall key details of NT juvenile justice crisis - 60 times The Guardian:
27/04/17 ARTICLE: John Elferink, the NT corrections minister between 2012 to 2016, said the ABC's 'Four Corners' report was misleading and sensationalist.  ABC:
31/03/17 ARTICLE: Interim Report: The detention facilities unfit as places to accommodate children and young people, 'They are harsh, bleak, punitive and unfit for rehabilitative'  ABC:
INTERIM REPORT: pdf Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT 31 March 2017
29/03/17 ARTICLE: Calls for change were 'ignored at highest level', says former Don Dale assistant general manager "I lost my grip on Don Dale": ex director  ABC:
 The Guardian:
 BT News:
28/03/17 ARTICLE: Northern Territory correctional services may have illegally isolated youth detainees and transferred them between jails The Australian:
28/03/17 ARTICLE: Don Dale guards bribed kids with threats of isolation, soft drink to 'fight for entertainment', former detainees tell royal commission  ABC:
 Sky News:
 NT News:
 The Australian:
23/03/17 ARTICLE: Royal commission: Don Dale inmate hospitalised after being forcibly restrained by guards  ABC Report & Video:
 NT News:
 The Australian:
 Courier Mail:
23/03/17 ARTICLE: Justice Judith Kelly rejected eight of the detainees claims and partially upheld two, saying the decision to use the gas was lawful, reasonable and necessary!  Sky News:
21/03/16 ARTICLE: Attempts by staff to rehabilitate juvenile detainees using weights and boxing training at the Don Dale were shut down by senior managers.  ABC Report:
20/03/16 MEDIA: Gross Abuse Royal commission edited video Video: Footage of abuse by Don Dale guard Conan Zamolo
Image: Former Don Dale staffer Conan Zamolo
20/03/16 ARTICLES: Shocking footage tendered to the royal commission into youth justice shows a Don Dale guard telling boys to "suck my dick" and urging a child to eat what appears to be bird faeces.  ABC Report with footage:
 SBS Report:
 Daily Telegraph + Vids:
 Nine News:
18/03/16 ARTICLES: Youth detention royal commission: 'Systemic failures' occurred, says former minister
17/3/17 ARTICLE: Former NT corrections minister Gerry McCarthy accepts responsibility for systemic failings in the youth detention system, but denies he knew about rampant abuse.   Nine News:
16/3/17 AUDIO: NT Royal Commission: Detainee's are not all from broken homes: Grandmother
16/3/17 ARTICLE: Detention centre guards threatened teen detainee with rape, inquiry told
15/3/17 ARTICLE: Followed testimony from a former guard denied and then admitted that he grabbed Dylan Voller around the neck. Other issues addressed were minimal training and an over-reliance on casual and overtime work.
14/3/17 ARTICLE: NT youth detainees told they were 'well hung' and 'legal' by guard
14/3/17 ARTICLE: Voller leads protest outside NT royal commission into juvenile justice  SBS:
14/3/17 ARTICLE: Don Dale detainee 'denied treatment for broken bone for two days'
14/3/17 ARTICLE: Former guard describes grim working life inside Don Dale; Guard 'flirtatious' with detainees; Alice Springs youth detention centre 'worse than Don Dale'
13/03/17 Darwin Public Hearings resume
10/3/17 ARTICLES + IMAGE: A royal commissioner has asked the Northern Territory Government to explain the leak to a journalist of a document from former child detainee Dylan Voller that reportedly shows a list of people he once wanted to kill.
Copy of alleged threat note by Dylan Voller
31/2/17 AUDIO X 2: 1. Dylan Vollaer calls for 24hr Youth Services - 2. Barbara Shaw and Nick Espie on Royal Commission 1. 2.
6+7/2/17 IMAGES: Photos of Dylan following his release from Prison (Source: Joanne Voller Facebook) Voller Family of Dylan's Release from Prison | Dylan Voller with his Mother, Joanne, after being released from Prison
02/2/17 ARTICLE & VIDEO: Dylan Voller has been granted early release from prison by the Northern Territory Supreme Court. He will be released to the BushMob youth offender rehabilitation program in Alice Springs for four months on the grounds he had been treated badly in prison. - Includes VIDEO of Dylan's sister after the announcement.
02/2/17 VIDEO: Lawyer calls for Dylan Voller to be released from prison and on to BushMob Rehabilitaion near Alice Springs for four Months.
31/01/17 ARTICLE: Dylan Voller, a former Don Dale detainee now jailed in Darwin's adult prison, is seeking early release from jail into an outback rehabilitation program. The crown is opposing the application of the former Don Dale detainee, who is now held in Darwin prison
31/01/17 AUDIO: A lawyer representing victims of child sexual abuse is calling on the Fed govt to extend the term of the national RC and he has grave concerns that the scheme could compromise the common law rights of child abuse victims.
25/1/17 AUDIO: Community engagement officers Barbara Shaw and Nick Espie speak to CAAMA Radio to explain the roles in community engagement and discuss the Royal Commission in 2016 and what's occurring in the new year.
15/01/17 ARTICLE: A child on remand at Don Dale as been flown to Melbourne after a medical emergency overnight. The dep't of NT Families has not revealed the nature of the emergency, Sunday PM the dep't said the detainee was stable and expected to make a full recovery.
15/01/17 ARTICLE & AUDIO:Northern Territory Police are investigating allegations a former Don Dale detainee received a death threat ahead of his appearance before the royal commission into youth detention. ARTCLE:

Northern Territory Youth Detention Royal Commission - 2016 MEDIA WATCH


List order: Most Recent Report on top
23/12/16 ARTICLE & AUDIO: NT youth detention royal commission delays first sittings of 2017 to March
23/12/16 ARTICLE: NT youth detention royal commission delays first sittings of 2017 to March
17/12/16 ARTICLE: A four month extension to the Royal Commission has been granted (within the existing budget) by Fed & State Gov'ts.
17/12/16 AUDIO: Dylan Voller's sister Kirra, talks about Dylan's evidence, Natasha Griggs racist comments and Dylan's future
17/12/16 AUDIO: Robbie Thorpe and Vivian Malo talk to John Lawrence QC from the NT about detention abuses etc
14/12/16 Darwin Public Hearing ended for 2016 and will resume in March 2017
14/12/16 ARTICLE: NT government's 'inflammatory rhetoric' about young offenders led to abuses, lawyers says
14/12/16 AUDIO: 'NT Royal Commission told government vitriol created environment for abuse', Russell Goldflam, principal legal officer of the NT Legal Aid Commission
13/12/16 ARTICLE: Dylan Voller wasn't violent before he was mistreated in detention, caseworker says
13/12/16 ARTICLE & VIDEO: Dylan Voller was "set up to fail" by a system determined to punish him, his former case worker said. "It just became very evident from the get-go that there would be a punitive approach taken to Dylan as he travelled through the system." 1.
13/12/16 ARTICLE: Following Dylan Voller's testimony, Antoinette Carroll, who worked with Mr Voller for seven years, is expected to take the stand.
12/12/16 VIDEO: Dylan Voller reads personal statement to NT youth detention royal commission
12/12/16 ARTICLE & VIDEO: Teen inmate Dylan Voller says being hooded in a restraint chair and tear-gassed are the scariest things to have ever happened to him, and that he felt like he was "going to die" (incl. 58min Video)
12/12/16 ARTICLE: Northern Territory prisoner staff forced a teenage detainee to endure a 15-hour road trip to hell with little water and no toilet stops, the royal commission into juvenile justice has been told.
10/12/16 ARTICLE: Dylan Voller's mother Joanne said the family had been told by NT prison authorities that Dylan would be unable to make phone calls for 28 days. Dylan is expected to give evidence to the royal commission in a closed court on Monday 12th Dec.
08/12/16 ARTICLE: Teenager Dylan Voller will be treated as "vulnerable" and not cross-examined when he appears before the child detention royal commission. Dylan is expected to give -evidence next week
08/12/16 ARTICLE: Royal Commission toured the current and former Don Dale detention centres, visiting the scenes of infamous riots and alleged abuses.
08/12/16 ARTICLE: The NT Government tried to delay up to 14 witnesses, including Dylan Voller, from giving evidence at the December sittings of the royal commission. The Commissioners rejected the application. ABC:
06/12/16 SU ARTICLE: Dylan Voller is threatening a hunger strike over threats of abuse by guards in the Darwin Correctional Centre, says his mother Joanne Voller.
06/12/16 ARTICLE: Some youths held in Northern Territory detention centre cells that lacked toilets have resorted to trying to urinate out the windows and defecate in bedding, the royal commission has heard.
05/12/16 AUDIO: The Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory has been told the current Don Dale detention centre is being run like a human storage facility.
05/12/16 ARTICLE: The Royal Commission this week is expected to hear "groundbreaking" evidence from vulnerable children in detention in the Northern Territory. Counsel assisting the Commission said "We are also dealing in real time with people currently in the systems we are focusing on..."
05/12/16 ARTICLE: The new Don Dale youth detention centre in Darwin was run like a "human storage facility", the author of a review of the Northern Territory corrections system has told a royal commission.
05/12/16 Darwin Public Hearing (includes detainees) started and will continue to 14 December 2016
28/11/16 ARTICLE: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Record Indigenous incarceration rates could be avoided with early clinical assessment: experts
25/11/16 ARTICLE: NT Justice Minister Natasha Fyles released a redacted version of a review into corrections on Thursday, after previously refusing to do so over "security" issues.
23/11/16 ARTICLE: A confidential report was handed to the Royal Commission found the Darwin Correctional Precinct has been riddled with issues that have created demeaning and humiliating conditions for prisoners since it opened.
14/11/16 ARTICLE: A free independent legal advisory service has been put into place for young people in the NT who may be called upon to make statements to or give evidence before the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT.
09/11/16 ARTICLE: We will close Uluru': Aboriginal community vows to BAN tourists from Australia's most famous natural landmark because they are 'left to live in poverty while nearby resorts make millions
03/11/16 ARTICLE: Being stripped and beaten is 'normal' in NT prisons, former prisoner says
02/11/16 ARTICLE: Mick Gooda said the "second phase" of public hearings would involve young people exposed to the Northern Territory's detention system. Those hearings were due to start in mid-November but will now be held from December 5-14.
28/10/16 ARTICLE: A report called 'A Safer Northern Territory Through Correctional Interventions', also known as the Hamburger report, stated it was clear the NT's imprisonment rate was in a "crisis of devastating proportions for the Territory as a whole and for Indigenous people in particular".
27/10/16 ARTICLE: The commission visited Mutitjulu. Ngaanyatjarra chairman said. "It's disgusting how the government has treated our children ... If they don't start listening to us we will close the rock."
27/10/16 ARTICLE: A new report was tabled in NT Parliament on Wednesday 26th October revealing more gross abuses on children in detention.
26/10/16 ARTICLE: The Northern Territory royal commission into juvenile justice is hoping to tap into an indigenous initiative that draws on old traditions to help troubled youngsters.
26/10/16 ARTICLE: NT royal commission heads to red centre
25/10/16 ARTICLE: Use of restraint chairs on NT youths to be banned amid wider justice review
22/10/16 ARTICLE: Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion is pushing for an old cattle station near Katherine to be converted into a youth prison farm, but in Tennant Creek another option is gaining support.
21/10/16 AUDIO CAAMA RADIO REPORT: A former employee of the NT Dept of Children and Families says that senior people within the department often fail to act in the best interest of Aboriginal children caught up in the system.
21/10/16 ARTICLE: Indigenous affairs minister Nigal Scullion defends the failure of NT to investigate Dondale and criticises states and territories for failing to establish custody notification services
20/10/16 ARTICLE: NT Royal Commission: Yirrkala's young people lost to foster parents, detention, suicide, commissioners told's-young-people-lost-to-detention,-suicide/7952578
19/10/16 ARTICLE: What does it take to make a royal commission successful?
19/10/16 ARTICLE & AUDIO: Detention centres are not places of rehabilitation, former juvenile detainees tell NT royal commission
19/10/16 VIDEO: Community consultations: Elder Baru Pascoe speaks out about the shocking mistreatment of youth in NT detention centres
19/10/16 ARTICLE: Community consultations: Juvenile detention officer urinated in toilet and told boy to drink it, inquiry told
17/10/16 ARTICLE: Michael Long has called on the Prime Minister to scrap the Northern Territory Royal Commission and redirect the funding into education.
17/10/16 ARTICLE:NT Royal Commission into Protection and Detention of Children to meet on Tiwi Islands
17/10/16 AUDIO: NT Royal Commissioners goes bush but how many locals know about it?
15/10/16 ARTICLE:Hearing loss among Indigenous children in NT detention 'widespread': royal commission submission
14/10/16 ARTICLE:NT Royal Commission: Child protection system 'broken', department should be closed
11/10/16 ARTICLE: Don Dale: Voller family feel 'left out' of NT royal commission as first hearings begin in Darwin
12/10/16 ARTICLE: National Children's Commissioner told commission that Australia is likely to ratify a key UN torture protocol that would give teams of international inspectors the right to visit detention centres without notice.
11/10/16 ARTICLE:Repeated inquiries into the NT's juvenile justice system is evidence of a 'persistent failure', the royal commission into youth detention has heard.
11/10/16 ARTICLE:Teenagers kept in isolation for 23 hours a day at Don Dale centre, commission told'
11/10/16 ARTICLE:Child abuse reports written off as 'unsubstantiated' with no investigation, NT royal commission hears
10/10/16 Article: People engaging with the Northern Territory's royal commission into the juvenile justice system can now get free legal advice.
26/9/16 ARTICLE: Mick Gooda warns 'not possible' to meet current deadline for NT youth detention royal commission
15/09/16 SU ARTICLE: Can the Royal Commission investigate the many years of racist and Abuse
06/09/16 ARTICLE: Concerns over remote community access to royal commission as NT rainy season looms

Official Title: Royal Commission into the Child Protection and Youth Detention Systems of the Northern Territory - Website: :


Date Royal Commission 2017 schedule
Source: Media Release: Royal Commission - 3 February 2017
13 March Public hearings focusing on issues surrounding youth detention commence in Alice Springs (Alice Springs Convention Centre)
20 March Public hearings focusing on issues surrounding youth detention commence in Darwin (Darwin Supreme Court)
31 March Royal Commission delivers its Interim Report
Ongoing Royal Commission's community engagement team meet with communities across the Northern Territory.

In the Northern Territory, the grandmother of a former Don Dale detainee has told the youth detention royal commission how she thinks the system should change. She warns against stereotyping and said not all the children are from broken homes or dysfunctional families.

Her grandson told the commission today he was handcuffed to a fence and forced to sleep in a wet cell without a mattress for 24 hours, after another detainee set off a fire extinguisher.
This week the commission's hearings in Alice Springs have focused on people overseeing the youth detention system, along with former detainees. (ABC RN PM 16/3/17)