First Nations woman in prison 'made to go without medication for days'

Meretta Kickett

A Perth Aboriginal woman sent to prison for unpaid fines says she was treated like a dangerous criminal and became very sick when forced to go without her blood pressure medication for three days.
At the watch house, she said she was asked for her signature for authorisation to obtain her medical records from her doctor. She was then sent to Bandyup Women's Prison where she asked if she could have her daily blood pressure medication, but was told it would take time to obtain authorisation from her doctor. [node:read-more:link]

The man who calls himself by an Aboriginal name appears to have no interest in Aboriginality

The article 'Jobs and education are the lifters' by: Nyunggai Warren Mundine, The Australian 3 December 2014 with Comments by Maurene Brannan

... as if it meant nothing, which it apparently doesn't to Warren - 'cultural authority' does not come easy, it takes a lifetime of dedication and education in the highest, most evolved culture on Earth. [node:read-more:link]

'Catching up' - Ray Jackson, Indigenous Social Justice Association

Ray Jackson ISJA

Ray Jackson's Media release covers the NSW Attorney-General, Brad Hazzard, as to his decision on the 33 year old death in custody of Eddie Murray, the brutal assault by Redfern police to Ms Kathryne Fisher when they forced their way into her home, and the related Kings Cross incident when the Kings Cross police had wilfully and recklessly fired six shots into the car, the Un-gagged Lex Wotten, and more to the Palm Island cover-ups and lack of justice and the successful Aboriginal Passport Ceremony in Sydney. [node:read-more:link]

Abolition of suspended sentencing will jail the wrong people - Fascism alive and well

Prison abuse

Tony had never been in trouble with the law but briefly lost his cool in a racist road rage incident he regrets. He'd been under stress, working long hours to keep up with his mortgage. His wife had just had their first baby and was a full-time mum. If Tony went to jail he'd lose his job and his family would be left totally without support. The court gave him a suspended sentance, which allowed him just one more chance. Come September 2014 the option of a suspended sentence will cease to exist in Victoria. [node:read-more:link]

Abbott uses 'smoke and mirrors' as he backs out of Racial Discrimination Act changes

Tony Abbott's Team Australia Fascism

Tony Abbott tried to distract from the backdown of his governments proposed Racial Discrimination Act changes by announcing what appears to be another step towards an incarnation of a new Fascism - to be known as 'Team Australia'.

He said he is giving ASIO the same amount of money he stole from First Nations self-determination programs. He'll be spending it on looking at what we are watching on the internet and other related right-wing 'terrorist' paranoid behaviours. [node:read-more:link]


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